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5 Tell Tale Signs of a Wasp's Nest

5 Tell Tale Signs of a Wasp's Nest

Wasp's are a very prevalent pest in summer months right across the UK, here in Central Southern England we are in a hot spot for wasp nests!

If you have noticed an increase of wasps around your home or place of work, chances are that there is a wasp’s nest near by or there is something else that is very attractive to wasps in the area.

Top 5 areas that suffer with wasps where there may not be a nest are:

  • Pub Gardens

  • Restaurants

  • Picnic Areas

  • Theme Parks

  • Festivals

All of these areas will attract a large number of wasps in summer months due to the abundance of sweat food and drink, wasps can smell this from hundreds of meters away. We offer these type of venues a specialist wasp control program where we use a number of different wasp traps to lure the wasps away from sensitive areas and trap them before they can become a nuisance.

Top 5 signs you may have a wasp's nest on your property.

  • First the obvious one! If you see a wasp nest in your shed, or if wasps are flying in and out of a hole in the wall, by a window frame, the eves or under roof tiles on your property. You almost certainly have a wasps nest in that location, wasps can also be mistaken for honey bees, to be sure it is confirmed as wasps before a treatment is carried out!

  • If you can hear a strange noise in a wall or ceiling like a humming noise, clicking or scraping sounds, we are regularly called to job where people suspect the have a rat or mouse in the wall. Often in summer this turns out to be a wasps nest and the client can hear them chewing and building the nest.

  • If you are finding wasps regularly in the rooms of the property, particularly rooms on the top floor of the property. Wasps love to nest in loft spaces and at night they will see any lights you may have on through cracks or gaps in the ceiling, which they will come through to investigate and won't be able to return to the nest.

  • If you are seeing a lot of wasps harvesting wood from your garden furniture, fence panels or gates, this is a sure sign there's a wasp nest in the local area as they don't like to travel further than they need to for nest building materials! You can often follow the wasps when they fly off and sometimes they will lead you right to their nest! This can be in a shrub, tree, hole in the ground, building, shed or even under covered furniture and BBQ's.

  • Another common sign of a wasp nest usually late in the year is a black damp looking mark on the ceiling near the edge of a room and especially by dormer windows! This is where the wasps are dropping the larvae's wasp sacks out of the wasp nest as they fly out and these are very moist which cause the damp patches to appear.

The thing about wasps’ nests is that they are incredibly well built, they are made of a mixture of chewed wood and wasp saliva that makes a papier mache type material. While the wasps nest is lightweight it is really durable, water resistant and breathable too, each wasp’s nest can hold up to 10,000 wasps during peak wasp season which is usually around August or September dependent on the weather throughout the year. To see what the inside of a wasps nest looks like click here >> What does the inside of a wasp's nest look like?

What to do if you think you have a Wasp's nest at your home or work place?

What to do if you have a wasp's nest at your home.

If you own your home then it is advisable to contact a reputable local pest control company and have the wasp nest confirmed and removed by a professional, especially from mid June on-wards as the wasp colonies can be quite large by then. Professional wasp treatments will start at around £60-100, and they will have all the necessary PPE, professional application equipment and years of experience. It really isn't worth the risk of it all going wrong.

If you rent your property you should contact your landlord or letting agent as this would usually be the landlords responsibility to organise the safe removal of the wasps nest.

What to do if you have a wasp's nest at your place of work?

If you own or manage the company premises then it is your responsibility to ensure a safe workplace for your staff and your customers. You should check if any staff are allergic to wasp stings and inform them of the location of the wasp's nest and take ant necessary measures to ensure their safety.

If you spot a wasp nest as an employee at your place of work you should inform the site manager immediately, so they can implement any necessary safety measures and organise the safe removal of the wasp nest.

We provide professional wasp nest removals across most of Central and Southern England in counties such as Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Dorset.

Please Click here to read more about our wasp nest removal service >> Wasp Nest Removal UK

To book please call 01189 680 841

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