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What is inside a wasps nest?

What Does The Inside Of  A Wasp Nest Look Like?

Ever wondered what the inside of a wasp nest looks like? Its a question we are often asked when we are called to remove a wasps nest, and to be honest the inside of a wasp nest is a work of art. So we thought we'd take the time to show you what is inside a wasps nest.

Firstly this is a small active wasp nest in May.


Active Wasp Nest In a Shed.

All wasps nests are rebuilt from scratch every season, Queen wasps will emerge from hibernation around March depending on the climate.

These queen wasps head off to find their nesting site for the year which is commonly in inconvenient places around our homes!

Once the Queen wasp has found a suitable location to build her wasp nest, she will begin to harvest wood from fences or garden furniture etc,  which she mixes with her saliva to create paper.

She will build a small paper wasp nest that resembles a golf ball, and around 10-20 egg chambers will be made inside.

The queen wasps will then lay eggs in these chambers and tend to them, once these baby wasps hatch she the queen will no longer leave the nest. It will be these new "worker" wasps job to provide food and material to build the wasps nest even larger, from this point the Queen wasp will become an egg production machine!

How big Can a wasp nest get?

Wasps will continue to build their nests larger and larger all through the summer right into the late autumn.

Around the end of September, early October is when we start to discover "huge" wasps nests. These can regularly be over a meter in diameter and sometimes nearly two meters!

This image is actually of a nest we removed a few years ago now, a perfectly formed wasp nest a little bit larger than a beach ball.

It isn't anywhere near the largest wasp nest we've removed but it was still very impressive.

A wasps nest of this size could be home to around 10,000 wasps.

This is a large 
wasp nest in late summer.

see inside a lare wasp nest

Wasp Grubs inside a Wasps Nest

see what the inside of a wasp nest looks like

Wasp Grubs inside a
Wasp Nest

This picture shows the wasps larvae "Grubs" inside the wasps nest, the wasp larvae are inside the egg chambers.

First the Queen wasp will lay a single egg in each cell and over time it will hatch into a wasp grub, which require constant care from the "house keeping" worker wasps. 

These grubs are just like a caterpillar in a butterflies life cycle, and the stage when all the growing is done. So during this time they are super hungry.

Once they have grown in size the wasp grubs make a silk like cover over the top of egg chamber to pupate.

Inside this covered egg chamber "Capped Cell" and within the wasp nest itself this  maggot like larvae transforms into an adult worker wasp, and will be a key part of the colonies success.

Three layers of egg cells from inside a 
wasp nest 

This is a fairly small wasp nest our technician removed from a loft, the clients children wanted to see what the inside of the wasps nest looked like so he took the time to SAFELY  open the nest and explained everything to them. Although wasps can be a real pest and extremely dangerous in certain areas! They really are fascinating and they are also good pest controllers in their own right!

This is an image of the layers of wasp egg cells known as
wasp cake"

wasp egg chambers from inside a wasp nest

How to Identify
Wasps Nest?

see inside a wasp nest

how do i know if i have  a
Wasp Nest?

Wasps love to make their nests from chewed wood pulp and saliva, giving them distinctive papery walls as you can see in these images.  Wasp nests are usually built in well  sheltered spots with easy access to the outside. You can often find wasp nests in wall cavities, lofts, under eaves, in bird boxes, sheds or garages, hedges and even holes in the ground.

Locating a wasp nest can be difficult early in the season but if you watch carefully the flight path of the returning worker wasps can lead you to the wasp  nest on your property or in your garden. This is much easier during late summer months as wasp numbers increase. 

Wasp and Hornet nests are always either completely or partially covered / enclosed in paper, Honey Bee swarms will be a huge clump of bees hanging together and have no paper around them.
Please if you are in any doubt if its a wasp or bee nest please DO NOT treat it until you are 100% certain. Last season alone we went to a number of "failed" DIY wasp nest treatments that were incorrectly identified as wasp but were in fact honey bees, which couldn't be saved.

If you think you may have a
wasp nest
get in touch

If you think you have a wasps nest and you'd like to have it removed safely by a professional company you can contact 7 days a week.

We can provide Wasp Nest Removal in Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey & Oxfordshire.

Outside of this area we have a great relationship with many of the countries pest control companies, so we can always recommend a company more local to you.

We may even create a list of trusted companies on our site in the future so check the menu just in case.

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What do I do If i have a
wasp nest

whats inside a wasp nest


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what is inside a wasp nest
pictures inside a wasp nest
What does the inside of a wasp nest look like

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