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Pest Control For Ants Berkshire

Ant Control

Berkshire & Hampshire

Need pest control for Ants in Berkshire or Hampshire?

DKG Pest Control provide effective Ant control treatments to domestic and commercial clients across throughout the local area.

Our technicians use colony busting Ant gel baits and strong residual insectisides to treat properties for Ants.

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For Ant Nest Removal please call  Berkshire 01189 680 841

Hampshire 01252 560 450

Ant Nest Treatments
Ant Nest Removal
 Ant Control in Kitchen Wokingham
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Ant Nest Removal from Kitchen Berkshire
Ant Control

Facts About

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If you'd like to know a little more about Ants, their life and how they live please click the button below.

Ant Nest Removal

Contact Pest Control

Simply call or e-mail our office, Laura or Claire will give you any advice required and book an appointment for our pest control technician to visit at a time to suit you.

Site Visit

Our ant control technician will survey the infestation to identify the species, possible ingress points and try to identify where the ant nest is located.

Ant Nest Treatment

There are several different treatments to consider depending on the type of ant species, the infestation location and who may be exposed to any chemical treatment. The most common ant control treatments are carried out using professional use colony busting ant gel baits, placed along ant runs in protective bait points. The bait points restrict the access of non-target species.

Ant Nest Removal

It is unlikely you will discover the actual ants nest, this is usually located outside of the building in doorsteps or under patios, deep within the building fabrication or in the soil around the property footings.

After Care

If you choose DKG Pest Control to treat your ant nest you can rest assure we are only on the end of the phone if you have any worries, the ant nest treatments are all 100% guaranteed to be effective or your money back!

We are a small family company who are proud of our reputation and want every customer of ours to love the service they have received!

Ant Nest Removal Process
Ant Nest Removal from home Berkshire

Ant Nest Removal FAQ's

What are the most common Ants to infest a house?

The most common pest Ant species we get called to treat is the Black Garden Ant (Lasius Niger), these are attracted to sweet foods, and often migrate from ant nests outside the property through small holes in the brickwork.

How many Ants are in a nest?

Lasius niger is a very quick, robust and prolific ant, using formic acid and its jaws as a means of attack/defence. black ant colonies can grow very large containing around 15,000 worker ants, all though about 4,000 to 7,000 is the average. Black ants eat insects, nectar, and even the bodies of their own dead or ants from other colonies. They are also attracted to sweet sugary substances.

Do Ants bite or sting?

The  black garden doesn't sting but can bite, red ants, wood ants and other flying ants will sometimes bite. Ant bites and stings are generally harmless, although you'll probably feel a nip and a pale pink mark may develop around the bite.

Why are Ants coming into my house?

Food: Ants in general are foragers by nature, worker ants will scavenge for food from many meters from the ant's nest, notify other ants of any potential food sources by leaving scent or pheromone trails and carry the food back to the ant nest for the rest of the colony.

Water: Though ants need water to survive, they don't require a large source of it to prosper. Most ants can get water from their food. However, some species of ants, such as the tropical import known as the pharaoh ant, must nest close to a reliable water source.

Ant Nest Removal FAO's
Pest Control Wokingham

Pest Control Surveys

Our pest control technician will carry out a survey of your property to identify the type of pest and infestation level. This information will help us select the quickest and most effective treatments available. Our pest control technicians carry See Snake inspection cameras with recording facilities to access hard to reach places.

Ant Nest Removal Berkshire

Pest Control

Whether you have insects, rodents or mammals, our pest control technician will select the best treatment for your infestation. This treatment will be carried out by a trained professional with only the best products on the market! All equipment is maintained to a high level and most importantly, the treatment will be carried out safely! Tailored to your property's


exact requirements.

Ant Nest Removal Wokingham

Pest Control

Our pest control technician will give detailed proofing recommendations as part of the initial survey. Proofing works can be carried out by our technicians or by your maintenance team.

Proofing is the most important component to a successful pest control treatment and helps protect your property from future pest infestations.

How to get rid of ants Berkshire

Pest Control Monitoring

Monitoring is an important part of pest control, with the industry moving ever more in the direction of non-toxic treatments. The use of non-toxic rodent monitors is a great way to ensure your property remains rodent free whilst minimising rodenticide exposure to the environment and non-target wildlife.

We provide rodent and insect monitoring for domestic and commercial clients.

Ant Nest Removal from home Berkshire

Ant Facts & Information
Ant Species

There are thousands of ant species worldwide, and with over 50 species here in the UK, most of which can be found in the south of the country, the most common is the Garden or Black Ant which is resilient enough to live outdoors in nutrient-rich, moist environments - often beneath warm, damp paving slabs. Other tropical ant species such as Roger's, Ghost and Pharaoh's Ants can only survive with the warmth provided inside heated buildings .

Black Garden Ant

Appearance:  As there name suggests they are a black/dark brown colour. Worker ants can be up-to 4mm in size where as the queen is much bigger around 15mm in length. Black garden ants to not have a stinger, although the can bite.

Life Cycle: Queens overwinter in soil and they will emerge in spring as temperatures rise. Eggs are laid in late spring. Larvae will  hatch 3-4 weeks later.  The larvae feed on secretions from the queen’s salivary glands until the first worker ants emerge. Worker ants continue with larval care, taking care of the queen, nest building and food foraging. Fertile males are produced later in the season, along with the queens ready to mate to start the cycle next year. It's at this time when the fertile males and queens emerge from the nest as winged ants (flying ants), as mating happens on the wing, males will the perish once mating has happened.

Habits: Foraging worker ants follow well–defined trails around food sources, this is where if you watch closely you will see a line of several ants all following the same path to and from the nest. Sweet foods are preferred but high protein foods will also be taken.

 Black garden ant nests are often outdoors in soil and below paving slabs on the sunny side of buildings. These nest locations can be identified by the presence of finely powdered soil around nest exit holes.


Fun Ant Facts!

  • There are over 12,000 ant species worldwide.

    • Ranging from the ant you might find scuttling across your picnic to the ants building underground fortresses in the rainforest, to flying ants.

  • The bullet ant is said to have the most painful sting in the world.

    • Living in humid jungle conditions such as the Amazon, their sting has been compared to being hit by a bullet – ouch!

  •  The ant is one of the world’s strongest creatures in relation to its size.

    • A single ant can carry 50 times its own body weight, and they’ll even work together to move bigger objects as a group!

  • Ants can be found on every single continent except Antarctica.

  • The largest ant’s nest ever found was over 3,700 miles wide!

    • Found in Argentina in 2000, the ginormous colony housed 33 ant populations which had merged into one giant supercolony, with millions of nests and billions of workers!

Ant Facts & Infomation


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