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Pest Control for Squirrels Wokingham

Squirrel Control
Berkshire & Hampshire

DKG Pest Control LTD provide a cost effective solution to your squirrel problem! We don't use any poison in our Squirrel control, only traps and proofing with be used to stop squirrels. Our Squirrel Control treatments are provided to domestic and commercial clients across Berkshire and Hampshire.

Squirrels like to build their nests in warm, secure locations like lofts where they can cause a huge amount of damage to water pipes, electric cables, the timber, and insulation.

Electric cables chewed by squirrels are a common cause of house fires. Like rats, squirrels have ever-growing incisor teeth and the best place for them to gnaw when they are in your loft is the roof timbers causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.

DKG Pest Control LTD will carry out a survey to identify how they are getting in, set traps in the loft or sotfit tray if it is required and offer proofing recommendations to try and stop a repeat squirrel infestation happening in the future. 

Squirrel Control Experts

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Squirrel Control Berkshire
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Squirrels Control Wokingham
Get rif of squirrels in my loft
Squirrel Control in Berkshire
Pest Control Squirrels in Loft Berkshire
Disinfecting after a Squirrel Infestation
pest control for Squirrels in loft berkshire

DKG Pest Control provide specialist disinfecting and odour neutralising treatments as part of our aftercare service, for more info click below.

Facts About
Squirrel Removal from Loft Berkshire

If you'd like to know a little more about Squirrels, their life and how they live please click the button below.

Squirrel Control Process

Contact Pest Control

Simply call or e-mail our office, Laura will give you any advice required and book an appointment for our squirrel control technician to visit at a time to suit you.

Initial Visit

The initial visit will be the key visit, our technician will identify where the squirrels are entering the building and identify the infestation level. Set up the treatment and give an estimated length of treatment.

Follow Up Visits

Follow up visits will usually be made weekly to re-bait traps and the customer will have to help us fulfil or legal duties to check the traps every 24 hours as a minimum! We can of course have our technician complete these daily checks for you, however the treatment cost can get extremely high with daily call outs.

External Domestic Squirrel Control

External squirrel control treatments will be tailored to each site's specific needs, we try to suggest environmental changes to make the area less attractive to the squirrels and set traps where possible. When controlling squirrels externally, we usually use humane cage traps that are checked daily.

After Care

Our pest control technicians will provide detailed proofing recommendations and can arrange professional tree care where required.

After having Squirrels in your loft, it is very common for the loft insulation to be infested with fleas! Our technician will advise if there are any obvious signs of a flea infestation when on site.

We have specialist thermal ULV fogging machines which enable us to treat the loft space quickly and effectively to kill any insect pests the Squirrels may have brought into your loft; we can also use this machine to disinfect the loft space our use an odour neutraliser.

For more information click here >> Disinfecting after rodents

Squirrel Control process
Pest Control For Squirrels Ascot

How can I stop Squirrels from entering my house?

Proofing is the key to successful Squirrel control, if Squirrels can access the roof of your property it is likely you will get Squirrels in your loft!

Often cutting over hanging trees or shrubs is enough to remove the access points, however sometimes they will be accessing the roof from service lines or structures which are not movable!

Are Squirrels as bad to have as Rats?

Squirrels don't spread as many diseases as Rats many due to living habits, Squirrels don't live in drains full of raw sewage like rats!

However, Squirrels tend to be the worst for causing structural damage and chewing cables or pipework, most of the properties we go to with squirrel infestations have damage caused to the roofing timbers. Squirrels can often cause flea infestations in the loft insulation too, something we see much less with rats.

How can I tell if I have Squirrels or Rats?

Again, it can be difficult to tell without finding droppings or a nest, usually Squirrels are heard throughout the day time or dawn and dusk. Whereas Rats being predominantly nocturnal are more commonly heard between midnight and 4am. You will often hear Squirrels in the soffit while you are in the loft too, which is much less common with rats. The main things to look for with Squirrel infestations is big heaps of insulation (a drey or squirrel nest) usually found in the corners of the loft or their droppings.

Squirrel Control FAQ's

Squirrel Control FAQ's
Pest Control Squirrels Wokingham

Pest Control Surveys

Our pest control technician will carry out a survey of your property to identify the type of pest and infestation level. This information will help us select the quickest and most effective treatments available. Our pest control technicians carry See Snake inspection cameras with recording facilities to access hard to reach places.

Squirrels Control Berkshire

Pest Control

Whether you have insects, rodents or mammals, our pest control technician will select the best treatment for your infestation. This treatment will be carried out by a trained professional with only the best products on the market! All equipment is maintained to a high level and most importantly, the treatment will be carried out safely! Tailored to your property's exact requirements.

Squirrels in my loft Wokingham

Pest Control

Our pest control technician will give detailed proofing recommendations as part of the initial survey. Proofing works can be carried out by our technicians or by your maintenance team.

Proofing is the most important component to a successful pest control treatment and helps protect your property from future pest infestations.

How to get rid of Squirrels Berkshire

Pest Control Monitoring

Monitoring is an important part of pest control, with the industry moving ever more in the direction of non-toxic treatments. The use of non-toxic rodent monitors is a great way to ensure your property remains rodent free whilst minimising rodenticide exposure to the environment and non-target wildlife.

We provide rodent and insect monitoring for domestic and commercial clients.

Squirrel Control Info
Pest Control For Squirrels Berkshire

Squirrel Control Information

Grey Squirrel Control Information

(Scirurus Carolinensis)

The grey squirrel as the name implies has a grey body and tail, with a white belly. Squirrels can grow up to 25cm and their tail is around 20cm. An adult grey squirrel can weigh up to 0.5 kg.


Grey squirrels can be found throughout most of southern England (except the Isle of Wight), Wales, Some parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland. Squirrels can been seen all year. The grey squirrel was first recorded in Britain in the 1820s, but grey squirrels were not released into the wild until 1876 when allegedly a chap named T. V. Brocklehurst liberated a pair of squirrels in Cheshire. Why the squirrels were originally released is still a bit of a mystery. The most likely reason for the squirrels release is that it fitted in with the Victorians' idea of reshaping all aspects of the world, and it became the fashionable thing to do. At that time very few people were aware of the damage that grey squirrels might cause to native wildlife. More squirrel introductions followed, like the pair which were released at Loch Long in 1892. As a result, within 25 years grey squirrels had spread to the eastern side of Loch Lomond and Stirlingshire - an area of 300 square miles!


Grey squirrels can be found in woodland and urban areas such as parks and gardens, squirrels are mainly found oak, beech and other nut trees. Squirrels can often be seen forging on the ground.


Habits and Biology:
During the autumn months you might see squirrels burying nuts and acorns. They do this to provide food for the winter months when food is scarcer. They can usually find the buried food again by using their strong sense of smell. Although not all the nuts are found! One of the more destructive habits of the grey squirrel is to chew the bark off young trees to get to the fleshy green wood underneath. This can sometimes kill the tree, and explains why grey squirrels are not always popular with foresters, if a squirrel gets into a house the damage can be quite shocking! Cables will be nibbled through sometimes resulting in the squirrel being electrocuted or even causing a fire. Squirrels also carry squirrel fleas and on many occasions the loft insulation has been infested with squirrel fleas. Grey squirrels can also carry the squirrel parapox virus which is fatal to our native red squirrels. Grey squirrels rarely die from the disease because they've developed antibodies.


The grey squirrels breeding season starts in January and finishes around June, Squirrels will have two litters if the weather it’s warm, a squirrel little can consist of 2 - 4 young. This is when they are at their most obvious. If you walk through a wood at this time of year you can often see the males chasing the females in the tree tops, and hear their screeching calls.


A Squirrels Diet:
Squirrels eat mostly nuts and seeds, however they will take bird eggs and chicks from the nest. The front teeth of the grey squirrel are continually growing, and to prevent them getting too long, they need to constantly nibble on something to grind them down.


Squirrel Control:
Grey squirrel control is vital for the welfare of other native species like British song birds, red squirrels and our woodlands. If the grey squirrel numbers were not kept control it would have a massive effect of the local wildlife.

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