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Hornet Nest Removal
Berkshire & Hampshire

Need Hornet Nest Removal in Berkshire or Hampshire? DKG Pest Control LTD provide effective Hornet Nest Removal treatments, our pest control technicians will attend at a time to suit you to treat your Hornet nest. If the Hornet nest is visible, we can destroy and remove the nest while we are on site in a single visit! If the Hornet nest isn't visible and you're just seeing Hornets flying in and out of a hole, we can treat the entry point to the Hornet nest with an insecticide powder which will destroy the nest in a matter of hours! Both of our Hornet treatments are guaranteed to be effective.

Hornet Nest Removal

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Hornet Nest Removal
Chemical Free Hornet Nest Removal Berkshire
Berkshire Hornet Nest Removal
Hornet Nest Removals Berkshire
Hornet Nest Removal Near Me
Hornet Nest Removal Near Berkshire
Hornet Nest Removal FAQ's

Are wasps aggressive?

Only female Hornet can sting and will only do so when provoked. However, if you get too close to a nest, you will almost certainly be investigated by the guard Hornets and likely to get stung. When a Hornet stings it will also emit a pheromone that signals to the other Hornets to attack immediately! This is what will have happened when you hear of people being chased hundreds of meters by a swarm of Hornets!

Can Hornets nest in the ground?

No, Unlike wasps, Hornets do not build nests in the ground. Hornets tend to like being high up off the ground in holes in trees, bird boxes and around domer windows and rooflines. Hornets will often nest in chimneys too, where you will find they make their way into the rooms below.

How many Hornets are inside a Hornets nest?

This largely depends on the size of the Hornet nest, with some Hornet nest's housing as many as 1,000-2,000 individual Hornets during the end of the summer. Such large nests, however, are uncommon, with the average nest Hornet nest usually housing around 500 to 800 Hornets in the summer.

Does the Hornet's nest have to be removed?

No. The Hornet's nest doesn't have to be removed after treatment if it is inaccessible or too dangerous to remove. It is however advised that if a Hornet nest is visible and safely accessed that it is removed, there are other risks associated with leaving a Hornet nest in place after treatment. If the Hornets nest is very large it can cause a smell when decomposing, Hornet nests can leak fluid which can stain walls or ceilings and the Hornet's nest can also provide a food source for many other insect pests.

So, it isn't essential but it is advised.

What does the inside of a Hornet's nest look like?

We are often asked what a Hornet nest looks like or what is inside a Hornet's nest, Hornet nests are a work of art, so we have made a page full of images and useful information about the construction of a Hornet nest. Check it out here >> What does the inside of a Hornet nest look like?

Hornet Nest Removal

Contact Pest Control

Simply call or e-mail our office, Laura or Claire will give you any advice required and book an appointment for our Hornet expert to visit at a time to suit you.

Site Visit

Our Hornet control technician will survey the infestation to identify if it is indeed a Hornet's nest, sometimes people mistake Honey Bees or even Bumble bees for Hornets. Once our pest control technician has identified it is a Hornet nest, he will consider the best way to safely remove or eradicate the Hornet's nest. Consider any risks to domestic pets, or non-target wildlife such as bats.

Hornet Nest Treatment

There are several different treatments to consider depending on where the Hornet nest is located, is it near a water course? Can you see they actual nest or just where the Hornets are entering?

Hornet Nest Removal

If you can see the whole Hornet nest structure for example in a shed, then killing and removing the Hornet nest will be the best treatment.

This is done by using strong liquid chemicals or strong aerosol sprays, once the Hornet nest is dead it can be cut down and removed in heavy duty chemical resistant bags for disposal via hazardous waste collections.

Non-Toxic Bee Friendly Hornet Nest Removals

If you have a Hornet nest which is very close it a water course or pond then the use if any insecticide could cause serious adverse effects to the aquatic life, even just the smallest amount of insecticide dust (a Hornet coated with powder dying in the water) could have devastating consequences! Our 3 non-toxic approaches to wasp control are:

1: the use of non-toxic abrasive powders which if placed directly into a Hornet nest or Hornet entry point can prove very effective. We often use this where Hornets are nesting very close to rivers.

2: You can use a non-toxic frost spray to freeze the Hornets nest from the inside out, this form of Hornet control isn't often possible due to the open structure of a Hornets nest.

3: The installation of Hornet traps can have a huge impact on Hornet numbers if a nest isn't located or if it is too dangerous to treat.

Entry Point Hornet Nest Treatment

If you are not able to see the Hornets nest structure, but instead can see the constant Hornet traffic using an entry point such as a hole in a wall or under the eaves. It is possible to use insecticide dusts which will be inserted directly into the Hornet's entry point, the Hornets will then walk through this dust and disperse the dust around the inside of the Hornets nest. This insecticide powder is highly toxic to insects but much less so to mammals. Hornet nest entry point treatments usually provide complete eradication of the Hornet infestation within a few of hours.

After Care

If you choose DKG Pest Control to treat your Hornet nest you can rest assure we are only on the end of the phone if you have any worries, the Hornet nest treatments are all 100% guaranteed to be effective or your money back!

We are a small family company who are proud of our reputation and want every customer of ours to love the service they have received!

1 Wasp Nest Removal Process
Wasp Nest Removal FAQ's
Wasp Nest Removal Wokingham

Pest Control Surveys

Our pest control technician will carry out a survey of your property to identify the type of pest and infestation level. This information will help us select the quickest and most effective treatments available. Our pest control technicians carry See Snake inspection cameras with recording facilities to access hard to reach places.

Wasp Nest Removal Maidenhead

Pest Control

Whether you have insects, rodents or mammals, our pest control technician will select the best treatment for your infestation. This treatment will be carried out by a trained professional with only the best products on the market! All equipment is maintained to a high level and most importantly, the treatment will be carried out safely! Tailored to your property's exact requirements.

Wasp Nest Removal Ascot

Pest Control

Our pest control technician will give detailed proofing recommendations as part of the initial survey. Proofing works can be carried out by our technicians or by your maintenance team.

Proofing is the most important component to a successful pest control treatment and helps protect your property from future pest infestations.

Wasp Nest Removal Windsor

Pest Control Monitoring

Monitoring is an important part of pest control, with the industry moving ever more in the direction of non-toxic treatments. The use of non-toxic rodent monitors is a great way to ensure your property remains rodent free whilst minimising rodenticide exposure to the environment and non-target wildlife.

We provide rodent and insect monitoring for domestic and commercial clients.

Hornet Nest Removal
Facts & Information

Latin Name (Vespa Crabro)


Characteristics of a hornet include bright yellow markings on a black, slender, and smooth body. Two pairs of wings and no pollen baskets. The size of a hornet varies queen hornets are the largest, workers and drones are much smaller up to 2.5cm.


The European hornet can be found right across the UK and Europe.


In spring the hibernating queen hornets leave their hibernation sites to find a site to build her nest which could be, a hole in a tree or artificial structures such as eaves, lofts and cavities, garden sheds etc.


Habits and Biology:
Although there are 2 species of hornets found in the UK the European hornet and more recently the Asian hornet. Both are important as pest species but the Asian hornets are much more worrying. These two hornet species hibernate as queens.


A Hornets Diet:
Hornets will eat a variety of foods these include other insects, overripe fruit, sugary things such as tree sap. Hornets will fly all night hunting around lights for moths and other insects, this is when they are commonly heard flying into windows late in the evening.


The queen hornet will start to build the hornet nest with a papery material that she makes by chewing small pieces of wood mixed with saliva, this is known as hornet paper. The queen hornet will raise the first few workers by her own efforts and those workers will then commence the enlargement of the hornet nest and caring for the immature hornets to follow. Hornet nest construction starts in late April and will reach its maximum in size in September, when 1-2,000 workers may be present. These workers will scavenge/forage for food up to 800m from the nest. The size of hornet colonies will vary from season to season. The severity of the previous winter is probably the key factor. In the autumn the young queen's mate and leave the nest to hibernate, the rest of the nest dies out and the nest is never used again, however the same entry hole may be used to access a favourable hornet nesting site.


Hornet Control:
It is always advisable to let a professional Pest Control Company deal with a hornet nest for the reasons mentioned above. An insecticide will be used to cover the entrance to the hornet's nest. Returning hornets will carry the insecticide into the heart of the hornet's nest and within a few hours all hornets swill be dead. Finding the nest is not always easy but following the flight pattern from a source of food could prove helpful. If a householder elects to treat the nest themselves, treatment should be carried out early or late in the day when the hornet activity is at a minimum, a bee suit and leather gloves is a must! If the hornets turn nasty you will regret not using them! The pain of the hornet sting is caused by a toxic fluid containing a complex protein, which is injected through the needle like sting as it penetrates beneath the victim’s skin.

Individuals react differently to being stung by hornets. Some are hardly affected, others suffer considerable pain and swelling, and a few become seriously allergic to being stung, which in some cases results in sudden death due to anaphylaxis shock.

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