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Rat Flap Drain Valve

Rat Flap drain valve installers

Rat Wall Drain Rat Flap by Metex - The Rat Wall non-return rat flap for drains is designed to allow waste to flow out of the drain but forms a barrier for any rodent ingress. Once a Rodent Valve is installed into your drains, rats will no longer be able to get into your property.

There are many different Plastic and Stainless steel rodent valves on the market, we have used quite a few different brands but came to discover the Rat Wall Drain Valve by Metex.

The Rat Wall is by far the best Non-return Rat Valve we've installed! We've not had a single blockage caused by a Rat Wall, none have corroded and got stuck open either!

The plastic rat flap on the market, regularly get gnawed through after only a few months and often get stuck open, they also cause blockages on a regular basis as there is a lip at the bottom where debris gets caught.

DKG Pest Control LTD are one of Rat Walls Approved Installers covering Berkshire & Hampshire.

If you'd like a Rat Flap installed in your drain please call 01189 680 841

Rat Valve Installer

stainless steel rat drain valve
non return Rat Flap drain valve installers

Metex were a finalist in the pest control "Best Product Award 2017" with the brilliant Rat Wall rodent non-return valve. We are proud approved installers of this product.

Rat Wall by Metex

Approved Rat Flap Drain Valve installer

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