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Chimney Cowl Installation Wokingham

Chimney Cowl Installation
Berkshire & Hampshire

Looking to have a Chimney Cowl Installed? DKG Pest Control provide three different types of chimney cowl, from simple wire bird guard chimney cowls, colt high top chimney cowls and chimney caps for redundant chimneys. 

If you scroll down you'll find more information about each type of chimney cowl we install.

Chimney Cowl Installation

Berkshire 01189 680 841

Hampshire 01252 560 450

Chimney Cowl Fitters Berkshire
Chimney Cowl Fitters Wokingham
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Chimney Cowl Installation Berkshire

Bird Guard Chimney Cowl

Our "Bird Guard" chimney cowls are simple but sturdy chimney cowls that prevent the most common birds like Pigeons & Jackdaws entering the chimney, while hardly restricting any air flow which is great for chimneys that don't have very good air flow.

For Bird Guard chimney cowl installation prices will start at £89+vat

Chimney Cowl Installation Hampshire

Colt High Top Chimney Cowl

Our "Colt High Top" chimney cowls are high quality cowls with stainless steel fixing straps that are bolted to the cowl, many are cheap grade steel with pop rivet construction which don't last very long in such hostile environments! The colt high top chimney cowl will exclude all pest bird species and squirrels! They also really help stop rain entering the chimney pot can causing damp issues, but still allows great air flow so can be used on any chimney. 

For Colt High Top chimney cowl installation prices will start at £140+vat

Chimey Cowl Fitter Berkshire

Chimney Capping Chimney Cowl

Our "Chimney Capping" chimney cowls are a simple way to seal off and weather proof a redundant chimney but still allow the ability to one day reuse the chimney if required. It is a much better solution that having the top of the chimney cemented over. These chimney capping cowls prevent all pests from entering the chimney. We often have to install these to chimneys after removing a bee colony from the chimney to prevent new bee swarms entering the chimney.

For "Chimney Capping" chimney cowl installation prices will start at £89+vat

Chimney Cowl Installation

Pest Control Surveys

Our pest control technician will carry out a survey of your property to identify the type of pest and infestation level. This information will help us select the quickest and most effective treatments available. Our pest control technicians carry See Snake inspection cameras with recording facilities to access hard to reach places.

Chimney Cowl Installation in Berkshire

Pest Control

Whether you have insects, rodents or mammals, our pest control technician will select the best treatment for your infestation. This treatment will be carried out by a trained professional with only the best products on the market! All equipment is maintained to a high level and most importantly, the treatment will be carried out safely! Tailored to your properties exact requirements.

Chimney Cowl Installation Crowthorne

Pest Control

Our pest control technician will give detailed proofing recommendations as part of the initial survey. Proofing works can be carried out by our technicians or by your maintenance team.

Proofing is the most important component to a successful pest control treatment, and helps protect your property from future pest infestations.

Chimney Cowl Installation Ascot

Pest Control Monitoring

Monitoring is an important part of pest control, with the industry moving ever more in the direction of non-toxic treatments. The use of non-toxic rodent monitors is a great way to ensure your property remains rodent free whilst minimising rodenticide exposure to the environment and non-target wildlife.

We provide rodent and insect monitoring for domestic and commercial clients.

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