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Suffering with Rats in your home or garden? Have you been trying to resolve the issue yourself or had other pest control companies in who have failed to get rid of the Rats? Just check out our reviews, "Dean goes above and beyond" to get rid of any rat infestation! DKG Pest Control LTD provide domestic and commercial clients with effective Rat control treatments.

Internal domestic Rat control treatments usually consist of three visits.
Initial Visit
The initial visit will be the key visit, our technician will identify where the rats are coming from, how they are entering the building and identify the infestation level. Set up the treatment and give an estimated length of treatment.
Follow Up Visits
Follow up visits will be at weekly intervals, until the rat infestation is cleared. During a follow up visit we will check for bait take and re-bait where needed, collect any rat carcases if any are found during the visit (all rat carcases are removed and disposed of via our registered waste carrier) and complete any proofing which may be required.
External Domestic Rat Control
External rat control treatments will be taylored to each sites specific needs, the use of rodentice is avoided where possible, we try to suggest enviromental changes to make the area less attractive to the rats and set traps where possible.
Sometimes the risk to animal or human health is very high, or the rats may be affecting a building near by which will then enable us to use rodenticides. In this case we carry out weekly visits as a minimum and ask you help check for rat caracses, this minimizes the risks of secondary poisoning of non-target species.
Rodenticide will only ever be used while there is a current active infestation!

Commercial Rat Control
Commercial rat control will usually be carried out as part of a 12 month monitoring contract whereby our pest control technicians will visit the premisis monthly as a minimum.
Our rodent monitoring contracts are usually based on an initial rat control clearance and then the remainder of the contract will be monitoring for rat activity with non-toxic blocks. Then as soon as any rat activity is seen, the non-toxic blocks can be replaced with rodenticide to maintain a rat free work enviroment.

All of our contract clients are left with a contract pack containing site plans, treatment reports, proofing advice, method statement, risk assessments, product safety data sheets, C.O.S.H.H assessments and DBS certificates.

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DKG Pest Control Ltd have been providing effective pest control solutions since 2008. Our technicians will look for the cause of the rat infestation, to stop you having a repeat infestation!

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We are Berkshire's approved Rat Wall drain valve installer, currently their only Premium Installer!

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