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Summer is Coming.. and so are the wasps!

As much as we love the summer.. so do wasps!

With the winter now behind us and the warmer spring days now beginning to show their faces, many insect pests are starting to gear up for the forth coming summer. Which means one thing, Wasp Season is on its way! However, if there is one insect that loves to ruin our beautiful summer afternoons in the garden, its wasps!

With this beautiful early warm dry spell we have been blessed with has come right at the perfect time for wasps! So we are expecting summer 2022 to be a busy season for wasp nest removal call outs.

The presence of a wasp's nest often leads to property owners taking matters into their own hands and trying to remove a wasp nest themselves.

However, we really do suggest you don't try to remove a wasp nest without professional help.

Every summer we see people who have failed to remove their own wasps nest and ended up seriously hurt!

We seen people who have been attacked by wasps in their loft and fallen through the ceiling, resulting in broken arms, ribs and one elderly man fell off of the steps his wife was holding and crushed his wife breaking her hip!

We've been to people in agony after being attacked by wasps after while trying to remove the wasp nest and end up getting stung 40 or 50 times.

I know good pest control technicians may seem expensive, but most wasp nest treatments are around £50-100 and most wasp nest removals are around £80-150! Is it really worth the risk of your health or the risk of damage being done to your property?

How to get rid of a wasp nest?

The best way to remove a wasp nest is contacting a local pest control company. It may seem like an easy job, but a pest control technician is properly trained and experienced in handling and removing a wasp nests in a safe and efficient manner, and here’s why:

  • Safety: A professional pest control technician will have (PPE). This fully protects them from the wasps sting, allowing them to work safely in a controlled environment while removing the wasp's nest. We hear of many DIY / Non-Professional wasp nest removal fails! It is surprising how fast wasps will exit the nest and how accurate they are with their stinger!

  • Working in small spaces: Pest control technicians are trained, and qualified to work in small spaces such as loft spaces where wasps love to nest. Wasps love to nest in the most difficult to reach areas of the property, meaning without specialist equipment access is using very difficult too.

  • Experience & knowledge: Our pest control technicians have years of experience and knowledge on wasps; they know all about their behavior and instincts as being able to positively identify the wasps to ensure they aren't bees.

  • Professional use products: Our wasp nest removal experts have access to, and are trained to use a variety of wasp control products that the general public don't have access to. These products are much stronger than any DIY products on the market and have a proven track record of successfully exterminating wasp nests.

Suspect you have a wasp nest at your property?

If you think you have a wasp nest on your property, in your shed, in the loft, in the garden or a hole in the ground, contact DKG Pest Control LTD for advice here> Wasp Nest removal

All of our wasp nest removal experts are qualified by and registered with the following organisations.

Wasp Nest Removal UK - DKG Pest Control LTD only provide wasp nest removals in Berkshire, North Hampshire, Surrey and South Oxfordshire.

For wasp control technicians outside of this area check out Advanced Wasp Nest Removal a website set up to put potential clients in touch with trusted wasp control experts across the South on England.


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