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Rat Infestation In Woosehill Wokingham

Rat Control Wokingham - We have been receiving a lot of calls for rat infestations or sightings of rats in garden in Woosehill, Wokingham.

Most of these are all confined to North Way and the roads off of North Way.

Jutland Close

Ruby Way

Diamond Way

Topaz Close

And Chaffinch Close off Herron Way all seem to be suffering extremely high numbers of rats, so if you’re in these areas please remove any food sources you may have in your gardens.

Check around shed, decking and bins for evidence of rat runs or burrows.

If you have rats in your garden in Wokingham and are concerned you may have an infestation starting, feel free to give us a call on 01189680841.

For all anything else pest issue’s in Wokingham visit Pest Control Wokingham

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