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Mouse Pest Control in Kitchen - Wokingham

Mouse pest control kitchen
Removal of mice from Kitchen

This client had been seeing a small rodent in the kitchen, some food packaging had been nibbled in the cupboards confirming there was indeed a rodent issue.

Dean was soon able to identify mouse droppings under the kitchen cupboards and set mouse traps behind the plinths.

On his return he had caught a field mouse and four voles, which was quite unusual. Dean found the mouse entry point to be caused by poor workmanship on a new build timber framed property in Wokingham.

Mouse entry point proofing
Mice were entering under lintel

Entry point for mice to get to loft
Hole in brickwork allowing mice into cavity wall

With infestations of mice it is very difficult to proof a property and guarantee mice won’t return, however we will do everything we can to try and ensure any likely mouse entry points are located and mouse proofed.

For more information about the service we offer and to book a mouse clearance please visit Pest Control for Mice Wokingham


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