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Pigeon Proofing Mesh for Solar Panels fitted in Southampton - DKG Pest Control LTD

Pigeon Proofing Solar Panel in Southampton UK

Today we have been in Southampton Hampshire bird proofing a clients solar panels, this client has chosen our black pvc coated galvanised wire mesh and clip system which looks really nice once installed.

Firstly we had to remove three pigeons nests and ensure all of the pigeons had vacated the array of solar panels.

We then cleaned out the gutters, cleaned the frames and surface of the solar panels to ensure they are working to their maximum efficiency.

Once everything was cleaned, we treated the roof with a biocide disinfectant specifically designed to neutralise harmful diseases and pathogens found in pigeon guano.

Then we installed the pigeon proofing mesh to ensure no more feral pigeons could nest under the solar panels.

If you'd like a more information about our bird proofing services please visit our website here > Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing UK

Please see the images below.


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