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Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing Mesh installation in Basingstoke

Today we have been installing pigeon proofing mesh to this array of solar panels in Basingstoke.

The property had solar panels installed back in 2014, and they haven't had any maintenance since!

Feral pigeons decided to start nesting under the solar panels in 2021, and their numbers have been building up steadily ever since.

We had to persuade around 60 feral pigeons out from under the solar panels, we then removed all the pigeon nests and gave the roof / solar panels a good clean.

We then sprayed a biocide down underneath and around the solar panels to kill any harmful bacteria in the droppings and final installed the pigeon proofing mesh.

The client had chosen our 12.5mm galvanised wire mesh that is hot dipped in plastic to give a very durable black finish on the wire.

The wire mesh is securely fixed to the panels with uv stabilised plastic clips which are purpose made to solar panel bird proofing. We will never glue on to or screw into the solar panels!

If you'd like a free quote to have your solar panels protected from feral pigeons, please click the link below Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing Basingstoke

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