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Pest Control Squirrels Wokingham - Squirrel Removal from Loft.

Pest Control for Squirrels in Wokingham - Our technician Dean has been working at a detached property in Wokingham this week helping a client suffering with Squirrels in their loft.

It has clearly been a substantial issue for some time, the squirrels have damaged most of the insulation in the loft, along with damage cause by gnawing cables, roof timbers and sentimental personal belonging.

Squirrels in my loft Wokingham
Loft Insulation Damaged by Squirrels

Dean has set a number of Squirrel traps in the loft, and currently 3 squirrels have been removed from the loft. Since the last squirrel was removed two days ago, nothing else has been heard scratching or scurrying in the loft! So it’s looking promising that we have successfully caught all of the Squirrels that were accessing the roof.

Dean can not stop Squirrels accessing the roof as the Squirrels are jumping from a fence, on to a garage roof and then up onto the main roof from there. So he will have to try and proof the entry point with wire mesh and monitor for future Squirrel activity.

If you need any help to remove Squirrels from your loft please visit Squirrel Pest Control Wokingham


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