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Mouse Infestation in Domestic Loft in Berkshire

Damage caused by Mice in a loft.

Above you can see the damage caused to the lagging on the clients water pipes! The mice have shredded the insulation so badly in places it has left the copper water pipes bare.

This had caused the pipes to freeze in the sub-zero weather we had last week, one of the pipes had burst causing a small leak. Luckily the split in the pipe was only small and it was repaired very quickly.

The plumber informed the client they had a mouse infestation in the loft and gave them our number.

We went out three days ago and set up 10 mouse traps, on our return visit today we had caught 6 mice!

It is against the law to use Rodenticide to treat field mice, and the use of traps means that all the dead mice can be removed from the property.

This eliminates the risk of putrid smells, maggots or fly infestations.

If you need professional help getting rid of a mouse infestation at your property visit > Mouse Control


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