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Pest Control for Rats in Bracknell

We were called to this property in Bracknell today where the poor owner has suffered with rats for a number of years.

Her gardener had been putting ”Rat Killer Pellets” brought from a DIY store locally, which the rats are clearly resistant to.

Pest Control isn’t just about chucking bait or traps around the loft and kitchen, you need to identify the ingress point.

If you can’t locate the entry point for rats you aren’t going to get anywhere!

Like this client your property could become over run with rats in a relatively short period of time, particularly if the rat infestation is traced back to a sewer fault.

We have earned our reputation by solving terrible infestations for good, and not just clearing the rats for a few weeks at a time.

We don’t claim to be the cheapest pest control company out there, but we will provide you with great value for money!

Your technician will be qualified, up to date with current legislation and have a wealth of experience in pest control and building construction.

We are happy to come and try to solve jobs where others have failed, so feel free to drop us a message if you’re struggling with a rat infestation in Bracknell or anywhere locally.


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