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How to get rid of Mice in a Kitchen? - DKG Pest Control LTD

Mice in Kitchen Berkshire

Mouse Pest Control - Need to get rid of mice in the kitchen?

Mice will take any opportunity presented to them to enter a nice warm property, especially if there's access to food!

Mice are able to detect heat flowing out of your property through air bricks or other holes in the masonry. These holes don't need to be very big at all for mice to squeeze through! It's said, if you can fit a biro pen in the hole a mouse would fit through!!

Mice commonly enter the area under kitchen cupboards, lofts and airing cupboards. These locations have a lot of pipe work which often allows mice to follow the pipes around the property.

Once it is established you have mice (it could also be rats, squirrels, gliss gliss) we would set mouse traps throughout these locations, we would also search the property for signs of an entry point.

Finding the entry point the mice are using it's always easy! But the use of fluorescent tracking dust can be very useful. If the entry point is located we would the repair or mouse proof the entry point.

Mice would quickly be caught and the job would be complete! Usually within our regular 3 visit mouse treatment over the space of about 7 - 14 days.

(If you've found what you believe to be mouse droppings I the loft, be aware it could be (Bat droppings!)


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