Wasp Nest Removal Ascot

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Need A Wasp Nest Removal in Ascot?

Wasp Nest Removal in Ascot - Our pest control technicians provide a cost effective wasp nest removal service to domestic and commercial clients.

We are able to offer two wasp control treatments in Ascot!

Firstly, if you're able to see the wasps nest in the loft or shed etc. we are able to treat and remove the wasp nest on the same visit! This treatment usually take around 30-60 minutes to safely complete. This treatment guarantees the wasps nest is destroyed and gives peace of mind that the wasp nest is no longer there.

Secondly, if you can't see the wasp nest itself, but you are seeing a lot of wasps flying in or out of a hole or under roof tiles etc. Rather than remove the wasp nest, we're able to use an insecticide powder to treat the entry point to the wasps nest. This treatment will only take 15-20 minutes to carry out and usually destroys the wasp nest within 4 - 6 hours.

Both of our Wasp Nest Removal Treatments are guaranteed to be effective, we are often able to provide a same day service for wasp nest removal.

DKG Pest Control LTD is a small family company based in Berkshire, Our pest control technicians have earn a great reputation in the local area and we have many clients happy to act as references if required.

With fast response times and friendly staff, we're able to offer a professional, reliable and affordable Wasp Nest Removal service to domestic and commercial. Our services are intended to be prompt and cost effective, enabling our clients to live pest free.

Wasp Nest Removal

DKG Pest Control LTD provide effective Wasp Nest Removal in Ascot, our wasp nest removal service is offered to domestic and commercial clients across Berkshire.

wasp nest removal Ascot

Wasp Control

All of our Wasp Nest Removal treatments are guaranteed to be sucessful! Our wasp nest removal treatments usually destroy the wasp's nest within a couple of hours of the treatment.

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Domestic Wasp Nest Removal

DKG Pest Control LTD provide domestic clients with an effective Wasp Nest Removal in Berkshire. We are based in Wokingham & Farnborough.


Pest Control Contracts

DKG Pest Control LTD provide Pest Control contracts for both Domestic Pest Control and Commercial Pest Control clients. Each contract will be customized to your specific requirements.


Commercial Wasp Nest Removal

DKG Pest Control LTD provide effective Wasp Control solutions to commercial clients in Berkshire. We have a large portfolio of commercial clients making the most of our Mole Control contracts.