Wasp Nest Removal Maidenhead

Wasp Nest Removal Maidenhead

Need Wasp Nest Removal in Maidenhead? DKG Pest Control LTD are a small family company covering Maidenhead who provide effective Wasp Nest Removal treatments in Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey. Our pest control technicians will attened at a time to suit you to treat your wasp nest, if the wasp nest is visible we can destroy and remove the nest while we are on site in a single visit!
If the wasp nest isn't visible and you're just seeing Wasps flying in and out of a hole, we can treat the entry point to the wasp nest with an insecticide powder which will destroy the nest in a matter of hours!
Both of our Wasp Nest Removal treatments are guaranteed to be effective.

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Wasp Nest Removal in Maidenhead
 Wasp Nest Removal Maidenhead
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Are wasps aggressive?

Only female wasps are able to sting and will only do so when provoked. However, if you get too close to a nest, you will almost certainly be investigated by the guard wasps and likely to get stung by a wasp. When a wasp stings it will also emit a pheromone that signals to the other wasps to attack immediately! This is what will have happened when you hear of people being chased hundreds of meters by a swarm of wasps!

Can wasps nest in the ground?

Yes wasps do build nests in the ground, a queen wasp will often enter mouse holes or mole tunnels looking for a suitable site to build her nest! Wasp nests in the ground often catch gardeners unaware and they are regularly trodden on! The same goes for wall cavities, openings behind wooden sleepers, and any other area that is large enough to sustain a large wasp colony.

How many wasps are inside a wasp's nest?

This largely depends on the size of the wasp nest, with some wasp nest's housing as many as 10,000 individual wasps during the end of the summer. Such large nests, however, are fairly uncommon, with the average nest wasp nest usually housing around 4000 to 6000 wasps in the summer.

Does the wasp's nest have to be removed?

No. The wasp's nest doesn't have to be removed after treatment if it is inaccessible or too dangerous to remove. It is however advised that if a wasp nest is visible and safely accessed that it is removed, there are other risks associated with leaving a wasp nest in place after treatment. If the wasps nest is very large it can cause a smell when decomposing, wasp nests can leak fluid which can stain walls or ceilings and the wasps nest can also provide a food source for many other insect pests.

So it isn't essential but it is advised.

What does the inside of a wasp's nest look like?

We are often asked what a wasp nest looks like or what is inside a wasp's nest, wasp nests are a work of art so we have made a page full of images and useful information about the construction of a wasp nest. Check it our here >> What does the inside of a wasp nest look like?


Wasp Nest Removal Maidenhead


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After Care

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Wasp Nest Removal Process

Contact Pest Control

Simply call or e-mail our office, Laura or Claire will give you any advice required and book an appointment for our wasp expert to visit at a time to suit you.

Site Visit

Our wasp control technician will survey the infestation to identify if it is indeed a wasps nest, sometimes people mistake Honey Bees or even Bumble bees for wasps. Once our pest control technician has identified it is a wasp nest, he will consider the best way to safely remove or eradicate the wasps nest. Consider any risks to domestic pets, or non-target wildlife such as bats.

Wasp Nest Treatment

There are a number of different treatments to consider depending on where the wasp nest is located, is it near a water course, are the wasps nesting in a hole in the ground? If they are the ground cannot be contaminated. Can you see they nest or just where the wasps are entering?

Wasp Nest Removal

If you can see the whole wasp nest structure for example in a shed, then killing and removing the wasp nest will be the best treatment.

This is done by using strong liquid chemicals or strong aerosol sprays, once the wasp nest is dead it can be cut down and removed in heavy duty chemical resistant bags for disposal via hazardous waste collections.

Entry Point Wasp Nest Treatment

If you are not able to see the wasps nest structure, but instead can see the constant wasp traffic using an entry point such as a hole in a wall or under the eaves. It is possible to use insecticide dusts which will be inserted directly into the wasps entry point, the wasps will then walk through this dust and disperse the dust around the inside of the wasps nest. This insecticide powder is highly toxic to insects but much less so to mammals. Wasp nest entry point treatments usually provide complete eradication of the wasp infestation within a couple of hours.

Non-Toxic Wasp Control

If you have a wasp nest which is very close it a water course or pond then the use if any insecticide chemicals could cause serious adverse effects to the aquatic life, even just the smallest amount of insecticide dust (a wasp coated with powder dying in the water) could have devastating consequences!

Likewise if there is a wasp nest in a hole in the ground, you cannot contaminate the ground with insecticide powder! Instead they nest should be treated with a non-toxic treatment.

Our 3 non-toxic approaches to wasp control are:

1: the use of non-toxic abrasive powders which if placed directly into a wasp nest or wasp entry point can prove very effective. We often use this where wasp are nesting very close to rivers.

2: You can actually dig the wasps nest out of the ground, with a hoover over the entry hole to capture most of the wasps coming out of the attack! This method is effective but can only be carried out by professionals!

3: The installation of wasp traps can have a huge impact on wasp numbers if a nest isn't located or if it is too dangerous to treat.

After Care

If you choose DKG Pest Control to treat your wasp nest you can rest assure we are only on the end of the phone if you have any worries, the wasp nest treatments are all 100% guaranteed to be effective or your money back!

We are a small family company who are proud of our reputation and want every customer of ours to love the service they have received!

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Wasp Traps

If you're being pestered by Wasp's in the garden this summer, we're able to install highly effective Wasp Traps. These traps lure the wasps away from sensitive areas such as BBQ's, childrens play areas etc to reduce the risk of people being stung.

Wasp Nest Removal in Maidenhead

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