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How To Stop Pigeons Nesting Under Solar Panels UK

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

How to stop pigeons nesting under my solar panels UK

Wondering how to stop pigeons nesting under your solar panes?

Feral pigeons love to nest under solar panels where they feel secure and sheltered from predators and the elements.

The rails underneath solar panels provide the perfect ledge to build a nest, and being a communal pest feral pigeons love to live together in large flocks. Solar panel systems provide a huge space underneath for large numbers of Pigeons to breed.

How do I stop pigeons nesting under my solar panels?

There are a number of different ways to try and stop pigeons nesting under solar panels, these can range from scaring devices, flying hawks or proofing.

By far the most popular and the best long term solution is to have specialist solar panel bird proofing mesh installed.

Again there are many different solar proofing kits on the market and they vary massively in quality, price and style.

We generally use either of the following and at the choice of the client.

Solar panel pigeon proofing mesh
Hot Dipped Black Plastic Coated 12.5mm 20 Guage Galvanised Mesh

This finer gauge black mesh is now the most common solar proofing kit our clients choose, the mesh is galvanised and the dipped in a black plastic coating. This is a super discreet mesh, its actually quite difficult to see from the ground So a real winner for those who are worried about your nice new solar panels becoming an eyesore!

We still provide a full 10 year guarantee with this mesh proofing kit.

Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing UK
25mm 16 Guage Galvanised Mesh

This was one of the only wires available with solar panel proofing kits when we first started to install bird proofing to solar systems back in 2016.

This mesh is a much heavier duty mesh which some clients do prefer, it is less discreet but still looks nice a neat from the ground (When installed correctly!) This wire is clearly visible from ground level and does stand out.

How do you fix the wire mesh to solar panels?

We will NEVER glue anything on to your solar panel, the rails, framework or roof tile!

We will NEVER drill or screw anything into your solar panels, the rails, framework or roof tiles!

Either of the above will void any remaining warranty you may have on the solar panels, and can damage them.

All of our solar panel bird proofing installations are completely non-invasive, we will use specialist clips specifically designed for this application.

We have seen so many terrible jobs carried out with the wrong material or just poor workmanship.

When comparing quotes it’s so important to also compare specifications of the work being carried out too! Our solar panel pigeon proofing installations start are £450+vat.

Can the pigeons damage my roof?

Pigeons make a lot of mess, which will soon cause the gutters to become blocked and leak.

Leaking gutters may not seem like a big deal but they can’t cause significant damp issues around the roofline, and with water splashing up the walls at ground level the bricks can become frost damaged in winter. Fascia’s can become rotten and the stagnant water / pigeons waste can cause other insect infestations such as mosquitoes, flies and maggots.

Pigeon droppings are also highly acidic so long term infestations can damage the tiles surface, but this would take years to become an issue.

Is it legal to stop pigeons nesting under solar panels?

In short, Yes.

For qualified pest control technicians who are working under the terms and conditions of the general license issued my DEFRA (Currently GL41), and in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act 2006, Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

If the person installing the bird proofing isn’t working to these licenses and Acts then no, it would not be legal.

We have had neighbours call the police and the RSPCA out to us on quite a few occasion, thinking we were breaking the law. The first thing the ask for is our proof of qualification, and question us about the Gl41.

If a local handyman or roofer was caught, questioned and couldn’t provide the documentation required, or wasn’t working within the rules of the GL, Animal Welfare Act or W&C Act then they and the client could potentially be prosecuted.

All of our technicians are qualified to a minimum or RSPH level 2, registered with Basis Prompt CPD and on their Verified List of Technicians.

We as a company are trading standards approve, local authority approved and registered with Google Guaranteed.

We are all DBS cleared, insured for £5million and to a height of 25m.

Trained with Pasma for scaffold work.

We are also supporters of

CRRU Think Wildlife

Lifes Little Bugs Go Wild

Should I have my roof, solar panels and gutters cleaned?

Feral pigeons do make a lot of mess on the roof as we know, so yes you should.

However once the solar panels have been bird proofed, and the pigeons can no longer nest under the solar panels. This does not mean the pigeons will instantly leave your roof!

Once your solar panels have been proofed, the pigeons can take a number of weeks before they move on, that is their home and like homing pigeons, it takes a while for that habit to get broken.

So there is no point at all in having the cleaning done with the bird proofing installation, you are much better off waiting until the pigeons leave to nest elsewhere before having anything cleaned. Otherwise it will all need to be done again in a few weeks!

We hear of companies offering to spray insecticide on the roof tiles and under the solar panels to kill any insect pests the pigeons may have brought with them.

This is also illegal as your roof is the first part of a fresh water drainage system, spraying insecticide on your roof with end up polluting the environmen and local water courses. Removing the pigeons as hosts, is all that is required to resolve any insect pest issue! No pigeons, no pigeon related pests simple!

This is simply another upsell and completely unnecessary! If you are one of the unfortunate ones who have suffered with bird mites when pigeons have nested under your solar panels, we are able to fog your loft or rooms with insecticide where it is safe and contained.

Do you kill the pigeons?

No, all of the adult pigeons that have nested under the solar panels will be scared out.

It is only on the odd occasion that there are very small chicks that would end up being preyed upon by Corvids then we will dispatch them.

As it is more humane than leaving them to suffer, this is the exact purpose of the Animal Welfare Act 2006. Due to the fact feral pigeons happily breed all year, it’s not possible to avoid a breeding season.

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