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Emergency Wasp Nest Removal in Wokingham - DKG Pest Control

We were called this morning by a lady with a water leak coming from her loft, the water tank had started leaking and a plumber had been called to come fix the leak. However on arrival, he lifted the lid off of the central heating tank and disturbed this wasps nest.

The plumber was lucky to only get one sting before evacuating the loft!

Luckily again they were only in Wokingham so he had a technician 5 minutes away who was able to attend and safely remove the wasps nest from the loft for the client.

Being so early in the wasps nesting season, the best was only the size of a tennis ball, so removing it was quick and easy. The plumber can now carry on fixing the main issue in safety knowing the wasps nest has gone.

If you need an emergency wasp nest removal visit >> Wasp Nest Removal or call 01189 680841


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