About us


Our ethos is to provide a professional pest control service to domestic and commercial clients that is trustworthy, effective and we will strive to deliver unrivaled customer service. We take huge pride in our reputation as a small family business who are able to supply even the largest companies with pest control.


Dean Gibbs (Owner) started DKG Pest Control in 2008. Dean had spent many years as a builder before coming into pest control after damaging his knee, this experience in building construction is what enables him to identify rodent entries and how they navigate through different building types. Just read our reviews and you'll see Dean's reputation in resolving rodent issues others have failed to resolve for years!

DKG Pest Control has been so successful in building a reputable brand that people recommend so widely, that Dean now employs his father Robin, fiancee Laura and sister Claire to help keep the gears turning!

We are a true family company that has developed into a well known brand, providing effective pest control with a personal touch.

The Team

Dean (owner)

Dean is RSPH Level 2 qualified and registered on Basis Prompt Continual Professional Development Scheme. Dean is our head technician who will usually provide all of our rat control treatments, he has a vast amount of experience in domestic rat infestations. He was also a builder before coming into pest control 10 years ago, so he has a good knowledge of drainage and likely asscess routes around the property. Just read some of our reviews, or contact some of our references for Dean and you'll see how this brand is built on our reputation.

Robin (Dean's Dad) has 35 years experience in the building industry and a further 15 years in pest control, Robin looks after most of our agriculteral contracts dealing with Moles, Rabbits, Foxes, Deer and Wasps.

Laura (Dean's fiancee)

Laura is RSPH Level 2 Qualified and registered on Basis Prompt Continual Professional Development Scheme. Laura is our contracts manager and services most of our routine contracts. Laura also works in the office a couple of days a week keeping all of our paperwork up to date.

Claire (Dean's Sister) looks after our accounts, Claire keeps on top of our invoices, VAT returns and covers the phone during the working office hours Monday to Friday. Claire also looks after our marketing and mans our stalls at local events where we help fundraiser for local charities.

Pest Surveys

DKG Pest Control can carry out pest surveys of domestic and commercial properties for signs of pest infestation including drainage tests and CCTV Surveying, recommended required treatments, proofing, prevention and cleaning.

Pest Control

Once a pest infestation has been identified, whether that's a wasps nest that requires removal or a flock of Canada Geese that are damaging a golf course! We will set out a plan of action as to how we are going to manage or control the issue, then organise the treatment.

Pest Prevention

Often we are able to provide advice to reduce the risk of a pest infestation accruing, giving advice on building maintenance, product storage, house keeping etc.


We also offer non-toxic pest monitoring contracts for insects and rodents. the use of insect traps and UV active monitoring blocks for rodents allow us to monitor the site for any pest activity and react quickly once any pest activity in noticed.


We provide pest proofing for all pest species, from bird proofing roofs and chimneys, to installing vent covers for mice.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

After rodent infestations we provide insulation removal and specialist disinfecting treatments to neutralize any viruses or diseases the rodents may be transporting around your property!


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DKG Pest Control Brand awareness

The Brand

Our brand DKG Pest Control has evolved as we have grown, we feel that our companies image should represent our services as it's often the first thing our clients will see! It has to be clear, to the point, smart and yet simple!

pest control

The Shield

The green and white shield is a symbol of protection, and that is a big part of what we do! Protect clients premisis from pest invasion in an enviromentally friendly way! This was something we wanted to come across strongly with our brand and the designer has done a great job for us.

pest control treatments

The Elements

The smart discreet approach we take when providing our pest control treatments also needed to be shown in our company logo while remaining simple yet smart! This has been done by creating the shield with a representaion of a Wasp's sting (green) and a Moth's wing (white). And we wanted a letter E hidden within the logo to represent Dean's mother Ellen who had just passed away (the moth's wing is a reversed E)

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