About us

DKG Pest Control Ltd are a small family company based in Wokingham, with 40+ years experience in pest control we're able to provide an unrivalled level of service in rat control, our technicians have between them solved some extremely bad rat infestations within just a few visits often where other pest control companies have failed.

Dean (owner) is who will usually provide all of our rat control treatments, he has a vast amount of experience in domestic rat infestations. He was also a builder before coming into pest control 10 years ago, so he has a good knowledge of drainage and likely asscess routes around the property. Just read some of our reviews, or contact some of our references for Dean and you'll see how this brand is built on our reputation.

Robin (Dean's Dad) has 35 years experience in the building industry and a further 15 years in pest control, Robin looks after most of our agriculteral contracts dealing with Moles, Rabbits, Foxes, Deer and Wasps.

Laura (Dean's fiancee) is our contracts manager, Laura organises all of our jobs, paperwork and contracts. Laura has also completed the same level of training as Dean and Robin, so during busy spells carries out treatments too.

Claire (Dean's Sister) looks after our accounts, Claire keeps on top of our invoices, VAT returns and covers the phone sometimes.

Just check out some of our reviews on Google and social media platforms!

Our technicians Dean and Robin both have a background in the building industry, so their knowledge of drainage systems and how buildings are constructed is key to locating entry points and likely access routes around the property.

DKG Pest Control Brand awareness

The Brand

Our brand DKG Pest Control has evolved as we have grown, we feel that our companies image should represent our services as it's often the first thing our clients will see! It has to be clear, to the point, smart and yet simple!

pest control

The Shield

The green and white shield is a symbol of protection, and that is a big part of what we do! Protect clients premisis from pest invasion in an enviromentally friendly way! This was something we wanted to come across strongly with our brand and the designer has done a great job for us.

pest control treatments

The Elements

The smart discreet approach we take when providing our pest control treatments also needed to be shown in our company logo while remaining simple yet smart! This has been done by creating the shield with a representaion of a Wasp's sting (green) and a Moth's wing (white). And we wanted a letter E hidden within the logo to represent Dean's mother Ellen who had just passed away (the moth's wing is a reversed E)

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