Squirrel Control Berkshire

squirrel control berkshire

Squirrel Control - DKG Pest Control Ltd use a combination of squirrel traps or poison.
Squirrel Poison (Warfarin) may be used outdoors against grey squirrels for tree protection between 15 March and 15 August, a successful poisoning operation will be at least as effective as cage trapping, even though few, if any, dead squirrels will be found. Squirrels may be poisoned in loft spaces all year round but in the autumn it can difficult to get them to take the poison and alternative methods are best used.

DKG Pest Control Ltd very rarely use poison against squirrels, we use a wide range of traps to aid us with catching problem squirrels in lofts.

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Our pest control technicians have been providing professional Squirrel control in Berkshire since 2008.

pest control squirrels berkshire

Bird Feeders

Squirrels will be attracted to bird feeders, we often see clients who've been hanging bird feeders from their gutter, this attracts Squirrels onto the roof where they can gain access to loft space. Once in the loft Squirrels can cause damage to cables and water pipes, along with scratching the insulation up into a large ball to make a nest.

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