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Pest Control for Schools

Helping schools fight off pest infestations since 2008

Pest Control for Schools

At DKG Pest Control LTD we have been maintaining a pest free environment at schools, colleges and nurseries in the Berkshire, Hampshire Surrey & Oxfordshire area for nearly 20 years.

We understand that most public schools have extremely low budgets to utilise for contractors, so we base all of our annual contracts on a monitoring basis only. This allows us to properly monitor the site for pest infestations and only when needed a reactive treatment can be arranged.

Pest Control in Schools can range from annual maintenance contracts, advice on preventing pests from entering your premises, to dealing with problems as they occur.

Regular pests at schools include:

Rats & Mice


Wasp's & Bee's




All schools have a duty of care for the staff and students safety, we are used to working with heads of safeguarding to ensure your pest infestations are dealt with quickly, efficiently and safely.

Our pest prevention inspection service carried out throughout the year is designed to accommodate your specific requirements. Public health pests such as rats, mice and cockroaches must be dealt with to prevent the spread of harmful diseases and bacteria through contamination.

Rodents may cause economic loss by damaging the building fabric leading to costly repairs. Nuisance pests such as foraging ants may act as vectors for spreading harmful bacteria through contamination of food. Fleas can cause severe irritation.

Seasonal problems with wasps and hornets raise the risk of stings and severe allergic reactions.

Rabbits, Moles and Foxes all present risks of slips, trips and falls due to their digging and burrowing activities. The damage to the grounds are also unsightly and can cause significant damage to garden machinery.

What ever your pest, DKG Pest Control LTD will have a solution to your problem.

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