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Local Authority Pest Control

Helping Local Authorities fight back against pests!

Local Authority Pest Control Services

For over 15 years our technicians have worked with local authorities providing responsive pest control treatments across different departments:

Environmental Health





Sheltered Housing


Many of these departments provide perfect settings for pest infestations, large numbers of people of a confined area with lots of separate buildings, huge drainage networks and large communal bin areas.

We have to respond to many different pest problems for local authorities but rats & mice, bed bugs, fleas and wasps are the most common.

It's just a fact of life that the more people living close together the higher the risk of infestations, schools, care homes, hospitals and blocks of flats can all become so heavily infested they are like super infestations!

We understand local authorities have a legal obligation to keep their district free from rats and mice under the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949 (PDPA 1949)

When you employ DKG Pest Control LTD you will receive a report following each visit, these treatment reports are all created on an app and emailed directly to the client. Where appropriate we will also make recommendations in relation to proofing together with photographic evidence of any structural, defects or housekeeping recommendations, By working together, we can help you provide your tenants with a pest free environment.

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