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Agricultural Pest Control

Helping land owners protect their properties and manage the countryside.

Here at DKG Pest Control LTD we have a real understanding for the British countryside and its management.

As a family we have been "Country Folk" from the start, back in 1915 Dean's granddad Charlie worked as an early pest controller on the railways.

His job was to keep the railway banks clear of rabbits, moles and squirrels as back then rabbits were a huge problem. He also kept sheep and worked as a gardener maintaining the walled vegetable garden of a large Victorian property in Wokingham.

Robin Dean's dad was brought up on farmland, and was taught by Charlie how to shoot, trap and fish. A very typical country upbringing which allowed Robin to run a very successful estate Management company for many years. Robin still does most of our "Farm Pest Control" for pests such as Rats, Rabbits, Moles, foxes and Deer.

Leading on from this Dean has set up DKG Pest Control LTD a very successful family pest control company. We still do a lot of farm pest control work, golf courses, equestrian centres and school grounds. Dean is also a very accomplished clay pigeon competition shooter, travelling all over the world shooting for England, ranked 3rd in the UK and sponsored by some of the country's best brands.

Dean is obviously well known in the shooting community, and when it comes to wood pigeon control he's one of the best shots there is! It's actually incredible to watch him shoot, why have someone shooting over your land making all that noise with little reward at the end?

Dean will really maximise the effectiveness of the pigeon control, with high shot to kill ratios which is also so much more humane!

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