Mole Catcher Pangbourne

Mole Catcher Pangbourne

Need Mole Catchers in Pangbourne? - DKG Pest Control Ltd have 3 BTMR Registered mole catchers in Pangbourne, using only traditional mole catching methods.
We’re able to quickly, safely and effectively remove any mole infestation without the use of gassing compounds or chemicals.
Mole catching is a fine art and can for the novice become very frustrating and costly, with the price of good quality traps starting at around £5/10 pounds each and the electronic mole deterrents at around £25 each.

Mole control really is becoming important as their numbers are booming, this year we have been so busy catching moles that we are struggling to fit the rest of our pest control treatments into the day! Click the link below to read more about the mole population increase Mole population soars due to poison ban!

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