Cluster Fly Control Berkshire

cluster fly control Berkshire

Cluster Fly Control Berkshire - DKG Pest Control are based in Wokingham & offer all forms of fly control & fly infestation eradication, this includes the installation of EFK's (Electronic Fly Killer's). There are many different pest fly species but the most commonly treated by us is the Cluster Fly which infest buildings by the thousands! Cluster flies can be effectively control with course spray insecticides or insecticide fogging machines. Other pest fly species such as the Fruit Fly - House Fly - Flesh Fly and Drain Fly usually require the removal of harbourage or breeding sites to effectively remove the fly infestation on a more long term basis.
Rotting vegetable waste or other decomposing organic matter can be an ideal egg laying site for many fly species and the flesh flies look to reproduce in decomposing meat and fish, If this material can be removed and the area kept clean often it can stop the return of the fly infestation completely!

Cluster Fly Infestation: In summer and early autumn cluster flies usually live in fields but as the climate cools the cluster flies search for hibernation sites, these hibernation sites are usually in hollow voids (lofts) or any nooks and crannies in buildings, this is when cluster fly infestations in our homes will occur!
Cluster fly infestations do not pose a risk to human’s health, nor does a cluster fly infestation mean the property is dirty! They are purely in your home to hibernate.

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DKG Pest Control Ltd can install a variety of fly traps to help reduce nusiance flies around sensitive areas.

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