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DKG Pest Control LTD provide a chimney cowl installation service in Berkshire, we are able to install three different chimney cowls. "The Bird Guard" "Colt High Top" and a "Chimney Breat Cap" more details of each chimney cowl can be found below.

Chimney Cowl installer Berkshire

Bird Guard Chimney Cowl

The Bird Guard Chimney Cowl is purely to prevent birds entering the chimney breast where they can build nests, get stuck or even fall right down and spread soot all over the rooms below!

The Bird Guard Chimney Cowls we use are made from thick powder coated steel so last the longest of all the chimney cowls we install before they need replacing.

Chimney Cowl installation Berkshire

High Top Chimney Cowl

The Colt High Top Chimney Cowl offers the same level of protection for bird proofing the chimney breast, but it also helps stop most of the rain from falling down the chimney and causing damp.

The Colt High Top chimney cowls we install are high quality cowls with stainless steel straps and screws so they are able to survive the harsh elements up on a chimney for as long as possible.

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Chimney Breast Cap

The Chimney Breast Cap is purely to cap off the chimney breast, they can be used temporarily and eaily removed if you deciced you would like to use your chimney again.

The Chimney Breast Cap will help stop rain falling down the chimney and causing damp, as well as helping to stop heat from your home being lost out of the chimney!

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