Bee Swarm Collection Berkshire

bee swarm collection Berkshire

DKG Pest Control Ltd provide a humane honey bee swarm collection service to clients in Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey. Having a bee swarm seek refuge in your garden or on your property is more common than you many think in late spring - summer. Most honey bee swarms are round one tea cup to three tea cups of bees (in mass) These small colonies usually have a single queen that has left a main colony with a small percentage of the worker bees work force. However there is not always a queen present!

The bee swarm will "usually" be quite docile and will not attack because they have no (or very little) honey supply and no brood to protect! By attacking there may be more possibility of harm coming to the queen. This means that it is possible (not recommended) to put your hands into the bee swarm without being stung.

There are two forms of bee removal that DKG Pest Control offer,

Firstly (where possible) we will collect the bee swarm and pass the bees on to a beekeeper in the area. This will usually take about 20 minutes to an hour, depending on size, time of day and position of the bee swarm. If you can see the colony of bees in a group (orange - football size) then it should be possible to remove the colony humanly, for some really interesting facts about honey bees please read are blog post "20 Interesting Facts About Honey Bees"

Secondly if the bee swarm is not visible nor accessible, and in a high risk area then it may have to be treated (Killed) this is a real last resort! Legally there is nothing wrong with killing any UK bee species, however it is ridiculous to kill one of our most important insect species just to make money! Without bees of any form (not just honey bees) humans would lose a huge amount of food source as our crops would no longer be pollinated!

If a honey bee swarm is required to be destroyed then it is extremely important to seal the entry hole to the honey comb! As other bees (from another bee swarm) will "rob" the honey for the dead nest and in doing so kill another colony of bees!

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Dean and Robin collect all of our Honey Bee Swarms and relocate them to Bee Hives which are located at local farms, fruit growers and some are passed on to local Bee keepers.

Bumble Bees

Bumble Bees have become a lot more common call out for us over recent years in late spring. The bees often nest in bird boxes, compost heaps and in holes in walls etc. They can become quite aggressive, so we try and relocate their nests where possible or leave them where they are. However sometimes neither is possible and the only alternative is to treat the nest.