Wasp Nest Removal
Wargrave – Twyford – Charvil

DKG Pest Control offer wasp nest removal in Wargrave – Twyford – Charvil and surrounding areas. Our wasp control treatments include both wasp removal treatments below.

First is the most common wasp nest removal method that most pest control companies will offer, this treatment involves treating the entry hole to the wasp nest with an organic powder insecticide, this treatment is very effective and is usually just a single visit treatment. The wasp nest will be dead in a matter of hours! If the wasp nest is still active the following morning we will retreat for free. This insecticide can also be used to directly treat a wasp nest and be left to die off over the coming hours. It is not necessary to remove a wasp nest as they will never use an old wasp nest again!

Second wasp control treatment is only possible on easily accessible wasp nests! We will treat the nest with strong rapid knock down insecticide and remove the nest while we are there. This method of wasp nest removal takes between 20 minutes “very small nest” to an hour “very large nest” It is not important to remove the wasp nest as wasps will never reuse a nest, however some people do prefer the nest to be removed. If you would like to see inside a wasp nest please click here!

We are not a large franchise company! We are just a small family run company with 3 staff members! If the calls we receive are out of our area we have a handful of trusted companies we pass work onto for no financial gain!

For more information on wasp nest removal in Wargrave or surrounding areas
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Why choose our Wasp Nest Removal Service?

All operatives are Insured, Licenced and Trained to carry out their duties.

All operatives are professional and polite.

Wasp Nest Removal is guaranteed to be effective!

There is no VAT on are prices.

Only the best products are used, all brought from leading suppliers.

Written risk assessments available on prior request.

Hand written, signed treatment reports left with every customer.

Product safety data sheets available on request.



The images below show the equipment and methods used by DKG Pest Control to remove wasp nest.

This is a picture of the yellow jacket wasp.

This is an image of a wasp nest removal in action, the nest was treated with insecticide and removed from under the roof tiles. Builders wanted to take all the roof tiles off but where attacked by the wasps!

This is a picture of the inside of a paper wasp nest, this is a solid material constructed from chewed wood and the wasp’s saliva, this is where the queen wasp lays her eggs.

This is a picture of the applicator use to treat wasp nests with the insecticide ficam d.

This is the insecticide used by DKG Pest Control for wasp nest removal/control.

The duststick can be used to access difficult to reach wasp nests. It enable very precise application of small quantities of insecticide dust.

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