Squirrel Control Ascot – Sunningdale & Wentworth

Squirrel Control Ascot – Sunningdale & Wentworth – DKG Pest Control use a combination of traps, poison and snares to control squirrels.  The traps used include mk4 Fenn traps, bodygrip 110, WCS tube traps, kania 2000 and humane live catch cage traps.

Warfarin poison may be used outdoors against grey squirrels for tree protection between 15 March and 15 August, a successful poisoning operation will be at least as effective as cage trapping, even though few, if any, dead squirrels will be found. Squirrels may be poisoned in loft spaces all year round but in the autumn it may be difficult to get squirrels to eat the poison and alternative methods are best used.

Firstly the entry point to the property should identified, if possible a trap and be set over this to catch the squirrel on its way into the property. If this isn’t possible traps can be set in the loft and / garden to catch the squirrel whilst in the loft or garden. DKG Pest Control use poisoning as a last resort to squirrel control as it’s not usually needed for the average domestic property. Entry holes of a squirrel shouldn’t be proofed until the squirrel has been caught as the squirrel will just do more structural damage to open the entry hole again! Once the squirrel has been removed we can then proof the hole.

We are not a large franchise company! We are just a small family run company with 3 staff members! If the calls we receive are out of our area we have a handful of trusted companies we pass work onto for no financial gain!

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