Wasp Nest Removal turns out to be Honey Bee Swarm.

We were called to a client in Sandhurst who had a large "Wasp Nest" in their garden. We informed them that at this time of year wasp nests wouldn't be bigger than an Orange, let alone a football! And that it was probably a Honey Bee Swarm. It turned out to be a lovely Honey Bee...

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First Wasp Nest Removal of 2017

Today we removed the first Wasp Nest of 2017.  Although only tiny now, given a few weeks this could be home to thousands of angry wasps! With the current weather conditions so sunny and warm, the wasps have perfect conditions for foraging insects to eat and there will be plenty of dry wood for nest building....

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Chimney Cowl Installation 

As you can see the birds nest in this chimney has completely restricted the flow up this chimney. The birds nest can also be home to many different species of biting insects like bedbugs or bird mites! If you have birds nesting in your chimney or if your...

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Rats around Chicken pen in Berkshire

A client called today with an extensive rat infestation around the Chicken pen. There were numerous burrows around the pen itself, in a pile of old timber / logs and in a nearby compost heap. The rats have been present for some time, with the home owners attempts to control the population failing completely. We have made arrangements...

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Berkshire Mole Catchers 

Mole Catcher Wokingham Berkshire Our Berkshire based Mole Catchers have had an exceptional busy month with many new contracts coming in. Half a dozen new Golf courses, 2 Cricket grounds and 3 country pubs! All of which are over run with moles... Our new working...

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