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Mouse Control Wokingham

DKG Pest Control are based in Wokingham, we cover all aspects of pest control but in the Autumn and Winter months getting rid of mouse infestations is one of our more common enquiries. Also a common call out is to clients that have tried to poison the mice and are now left with a horrid smell in the rooms, when it comes to controlling mice in domestic properties we very rarely use any poison, the infestation can usually be eradicated within a matter of days using traps only.  Domestic mouse infestations are usually no more than 6 mice and regularly only a pair, however in heavily infested agricultural buildings mouse numbers can reach plague proportions very quickly! If there is a food source large enough to sustain the colony then the infestation would just keep getting worse. Here is a video of a simply shocking mouse infestation (In Australia) for you to see, Mouse Infestation Video   Please do not be alarmed by this video, your mouse problem won’t be this bad.

To get rid of your mice please call.

We are just a small family run company with 3 staff members! If the calls we receive are out of our area we have a couple of trusted companies we pass work onto for no financial gain! DKG Pest Control is NOT a franchise company.

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Mice will be trapped not poisoned, Pet / Child safe.

Small family run company that’s fully insured & trained.

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Fast reliable service, we arrive when we say we will!

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Mouse control in wokingham is carried out with some of these products below.

This is an image of the T-Rex mouse trap, these are one of the most commonly used traps to aid mouse control.

This is an image of the Snap-e mouse traps, they are very effective and powerful for its size, they are also designed to fit in a lockable bait station to keep them safe from non-target species.

There are many types of mouse poison, we only kill mice with poison very rarely, some large jobs require baiting but every effort is made to you non-toxic methods of mouse control.

This mouse box is a great design! It can be used with the Snap-e trap. It’s constructed of durable plastic and requires a key to open it, this keeps the bait inside secure and safe.

Mice can easily climb brickwork to gain entry to a property! This air brick was broken for an overflow pipe, when it was removed the plumber decided to leave it open and this is plenty of room for even a rat to enter!

Barn owls and other birds of prey feed on rodent such as mice, if the rodenticide legislation and product labels are followed then the minimum risk of secondary poisoning of such animal will occur. Once again another reason to use mechanical traps where ever possible.


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