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Mole Catcher Mortimer – Bramley & Heckfield  - DKG Pest Control provide and professional mole control service to clients in Mortimer, Bramley & Heckfield, we have contracts on a handful of large houses in Heckfield to keep the moles at bay, we also have some regular domestic clients in Bramley, this means we are in the area most days.  Our mole catching service covers small domestic gardens with just a single mole to large farms (1,000′s of acres).  In most domestic situations the mole will be caught first night! Larger farms will usually be cleared of moles within around 14 days! DKG Pest Control DO NOT and WILL NOT use any chemicals or gassing compounds to resolve a mole infestation as it just isn’t needed.  Both our mole catchers are proud members of the National Pest Technicians Association, British Traditional Mole Catchers Register and the Association of Professional Mole Catchers.  DKG Pest Control have many references that are already using our mole catching service, from domestic homes to golf course managers and land owners. If you need a mole catcher in the Berkshire / Hampshire area this winter, but don’t return home from work until it is dark. Don’t worry as the main mole catching season is September to March our mole catchers are used to setting mole traps in the dark! We are just a small family run company who are small enough to care but organised and skilled enough to cope with even extremely large contract jobs.

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We are just a small family run company with 3 staff members! If the calls we receive are out of our area we have a couple of trusted companies we pass work onto for no financial gain! DKG Pest Control is NOT a franchise company.

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99.9% of all moles caught first night by our skilled mole catchers, with no catch no fee guarantee!

Small family run company that’s fully insured & trained.

Members of the BTMR, APMC, Directory of Excellence, Countryside Alliance &

Fast reliable service, we arrive when we say we will!

No vat to pay on our prices.


Mole Control Images

This is a picture of the mole that caused all the damage to gardens, fields and flower beds. The mole is a lot smaller than people first imagine, they may be small but they sure make a mess.

The “Duffas” style mole trap is the most commonly used mole trap among the professional mole catchers, they can be set on deep or shallow mole runs in soft sandy soil or in hard stony soil too. The duffas mole trap has a very strong spring which instantly dispatches the mole. Click to see a video > Dean Setting Duffas Mole Trap > Dean Checking Duffas Mole Trap

The “Taplex Mole Trap” is used mainly on very shallow mole tunnels or on problem moles which have become trap shy to the Duffas style. The Taplex mole trap enables the mole catcher to back fill the mole trap after setting.

The “Scissor Mole Trap” has been around for years, this is the style of mole traps that the traditional mole catcher would have used, they are not used so much by today’s mole catcher, however some mole catchers that do still use them and they can be helpful on very deep mole tunnels.

These mole hills all popped up between 6 – 10am, just goes to show how quickly the mole can establish itself in a matter of hours!

This mole had damaged a large area in a horses paddock in Heckfield.


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Our mole catching service covers most of Berkshire & Hampshire including (Thatcham RG18, Aldermaston RG7, Bucklebury RG7, Upper Bucklebury RG7, Padworth RG7, Padworth Common, Woolhampton RG7, Ufton RG7, Mortimer RG7, Mortimer West End, Stratfield Saye RG7, Grazley RG7, Bradfield RG7, Burfield, Calcot, Englefield, Sulhampstead, Silchester, Heckfield, Bramley