What does a wasp nest look like

What does a large Wasp's nest look like?

This image is a typical wasp nest for late summer. A similar size to a beach ball and home to somewhere in the regain of 6,00 - 10,000 wasps!

What does a wasp nest look like

What does a Wasp's nest look like?

Wasp nests are usually spherical in shape and a grayish brown in colour, they are constructed of chewed wood, this image is a typical wasp nest for late spring to early summer, a small wasp nest the size of an Orange. Home to several hundred wasps already!

Most wasp nests in sheds are discovered quite early and tend to be around this size.

What does a wasp nest look like

What does the inside of a wasp nest look like?

The inside of a wasp nest is made up of layers of egg cells, the image here is of a small wasp nest that Dean has dismantled. You can see the empty egg cells where the wasps have already hatched, some larvae stage and some capped cells which is where the wasp grubs pupate and eventually emerge as adult wasps.

What does a wasp nest look like

What do wasp grubs look like?

This image gives a better view of the larvae stage of the wasp, you can also see a wasp egg at the top of the picture. The white capped cells are wasp grubs pupating and turning into adult wasps.

Wasp Nest Removal

How do you remove a wasps nest?

This set of images was taken while Robin removed a wasp nest, you can see the wasps on the exterior of the wasp nest on arrival, these wasps were still building the nest.

A hole is broken into the nest and a strong insecticide with an instant knockdown effect is used to eradicate the wasps, these chemicals work extremely quickly which enables us to destroy and remove the wasp nest in a single visit.

Once the chemical has taken affect the wasps nest can be cut away, bagged and removed from the site to be sent for incineration via our hazardous waste carrier.

Once the nest has been removed the area where the nest wasp located can be treated with a residual insecticide to kill and returning wasps which may have been out foraging for food or nest building material while the wasps nest was being removed.

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