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DKG Pest Control will control the Canada goose only, the geese MUST be causing damage or lose to your land or crops. The Canada goose can cause a massive amount of damage to grazing fields, crops etc. DKG Pest Control will discover the feeding times of the geese on your property and then dispatch the pest geese on their flight onto your property or the geese numbers can be kept under control over a lake or pond (if present). DKG Pest Control are fully insured, licenced and trained, we guarantee you will see a large reduction in geese numbers. 


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Canada Goose Information

(Branta Canadensis)

A Canada Goose has very distinctive features, they have a black head and neck, thin white chin strap that goes from check to check. Pale or white breast and side with a brown/buff wings and back, they are much lighter on the underside. Male and female geese both look the same. An adult goose can reach a body size of 45in with a wingspan reaching 5.6ft.The adult goose can weigh up to 9kg and are known to live up to 24years.

The Canada Goose is native to North America and breeds in Canada and Northern States. However the goose was introduce into Britain in the late 17th centre. Canada Geese have since breed in this country and establish populations.

Geese usually nest in an elevated area near streams, ponds, lakes and other sources of water.

Habits and Biology:
The Canada Geese are migratory birds the season runs October through to March, the calls overhead from large groups of Canada Geese flying in the symbolic V -shaped formation signal the transitions into spring and autumn. In some areas these routes have had to change due to change in habitat or food sources. Migratory geese have a flight range that can be 2-3 thousand miles, some geese have known to become residence if the food and water supplies is sustainable through winter months in their current habitat.

The Diet of A Canada Goose:
Canada geese are primarily herbivores but will occasionally eat small insects and fish. Their diet mainly consist of various grasses and grains such as wheat, beans, corn and rice. One Canada goose will eat more than 5 lbs of grass a day, and produce about 2 lbs. of waste. When in water a Canada goose will feed on the silt on the bottom and on aquatic plants such as seaweed.

The goose mating season is from February to early April, geese will mate for life, and only find a new mate if the other is killed. Geese will start nesting mid-March to May the average number of eggs a goose will lay is 4 – 6. The incubation period for geese is 28 – 30 days.
Goslings will be able to fly at 2 -3 months and during this maturing period the adult geese will not leave the area. Geese are very protective of their young and are known to attack humans during this time.


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