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Fox removal UK – DKG Pest Control offer all fox removal methods including fox trapping, fox snaring and shooting.  Every fox caught will be quickly and humanely dispatched by one of our licenced operatives.  DKG Pest Control hold current section 1 & 2 firearms licenses and are insured to use such a rifles on small areas of land such as domestic gardens. All licenses / insurance documents will be shown to each client.
Where possible all foxes will be trapped then dispatched, using a mixture of large cage traps or discreet snare traps depending on site and any non-target species present. When we set traps at any site if you notice that a fox has been caught you are urged to call 24/7 so the fox doesn’t suffer or hurt its self.
Fox removal & fox culling really is needed around towns as there is a lack of predators to control fox numbers, if the fox numbers are not kept to normal levels they will looks for new food sources. This is why foxes are becoming bolder and having to raid bins, take poultry or garden pets! In recent weeks we have removed a fox from a garden in Portsmouth that actually stalked a 15 month old child in the garden and tried to bite the child’s farther when he went to pick her up! This fox had also walked into the house through the patio doors! A fox we removed from Hartley Whitney had killed a family’s pet kitten and two of their rabbits.
The sound of a distressed, crying young child is just like the cry of a distressed animal to a fox.
DKG Pest Control offer professional fox removal in Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey & Oxfordshire.  Your local Police force will be informed each and every time a firearm is brought onto your property and a unique reference number will be given. This will help keep the fox removal as discreet as possible, if we didn’t call the police they may end up at your door with lights, sirens & maybe the armed respond unit!

All fox removal jobs will be handled by Dean or Robin and our service will be as discreet as possible!

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