Flea Control Maidenhead
(cat & dog flea)

Flea Control Maidenhead

DKG Pest Control will guarantee to rid you’re home of flea’s using a residual spray insecticide.  First we will hoover the whole property to eliminate a large percentage of the flea infestation, then a residual insecticide spray will be applied to kill any adult fleas and larva that have been left behind in cracks and crevices.
The insecticide will remain active on treated surfaces for a number of weeks killing any emerging fleas or hatching flea eggs shortly after coming into contact with the treated surface.
After this flea treatment there will be a 6-8 hours re-entry time to allow the product to dry, in this period the house must not be entered by anyone! Including pets! Once the product is completely dry it is safe to re-enter.
Pets must also be treated for fleas, as if they are not the flea problem will keep returning! Fipronil is reported to be next to useless from what we have been informed. Fleas are now becoming resistant to this insecticide.  Speak to your vet about this as they may not be aware of the resistance and may sell you a product that just won’t work! It is said that Advantage Flea Treatments are better!
As fleas are a real nuisance pest that most people want killed ASAP we are happy to treat the call as an emergency at no extra fee! If you can arrange to be out of the property for 6-8 hours (after flea treatment) we will respond to a call the same day! If it is not possible for you to stay out of the house for this long at such short notice, we can arrange to treat the fleas first thing the following morning!

We are not a large franchise company! We are just a small family run company with 3 staff members! If the calls we receive are out of our area we have a handful of trusted companies we pass work onto for no financial gain!

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