Wasp Nest treatment turns out as Masonry Bees

Wasp Nest treatment turns out as Masonry Bees

Last week we were called to a property in Wokingham to treat a Wasp Nest they have every year in a hole in a brick wall.

It turned out to be Masonry Bees that have been taking advantage of the weather damaged cement which has become very soft, and decided to burrow in and lay their eggs.

Thankfully the damage hadn’t become so bad that the wall needed to be rebuilt, and we were able to simply repoint the wall.

This will stop any more wasps or bees from nesting here and causing more damage!

And the client even installed some bamboo Bee boxes where the damage was so that they could lay their eggs in these instead.

Please check that you know the difference between Wasp Nests and the many different Bee’s that we have in the UK before treating your “Wasps Nest” yourself! You might be killing bee’s without realising it!

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