Wasp Nest Removal Service

Wasp Nest Removal Service

Wasp Nest Removal

In the summer Wasp Nest Removals are one of the most common jobs for our pest control technicians, this year (2016) has seen a late start to the wasp nest season! Usually the first wasp removals start coming in during the first week of June and really start to come in thick and fast through the next couple of weeks, however we’ve not see all that many wasp’s as of yet.

Robin has treated 8 nests today which have looked strong with plenty of activity, so we are sure the wasp season is upon us!

If you’ve got an issue with wasp’s at your work place or home then please check out our “Wasp Nest Removal” page for more information about the services we can provide, we cover most of Berkshire – Hampshire and Surrey but may be able to recommend a pest control company in your area should you live outside of our coverage.


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