Bird Proof Chimney Cowl Installation

Bird Proof Chimney Cowl Installation

Bird Proof Chimney Cowl Installation


DKG Pest Control supply and install high quality bird guard chimney cowls, these cowls can be installed on most chimney pots and chimneys with gas flues.  We provide a bird proofing service to clients in most of Berkshire, North Hampshire, Surrey and South Oxfordshire. We install hundreds of chimney cowls each year with the most popular being the standard bird guard chimney cowls pictured below, these can be supplied and installed from as little as £89 all in!

If you have birds nesting in your chimney or finding sticks in your fire place, if you have had pigeons or Jackdaws fall down the chimney breast or worse still have one die in a disused chimney and had to spend hundreds of pounds to open the fire place back up to find the carcase, then a bird guard chimney cowl is your answer! No more bird nests to have removed, no chance of bird mite / bed bug or other related insect infestations of your property all from £89.

To book an appointment for a chimney cowl to be installed please call

Berkshire    01189 680 841

Hampshire 01252 560 450








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