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The red fox has spread into towns and cities over the past years and has become a very settled into the new environment, now known as the “Urban Fox” they have very high population density in cities such as London.  It is believed there are around 10,000 – 15,000 Urban Foxes in London alone! This huge number of foxes require a large food supply and with the natural food being scarce in cities they have learnt to live from our waste i.e. rubbish bins, take away left overs and people feeding the foxes etc.

Now the population density of foxes has become so high they are looking for new food sources, in the last 12 months we have had a huge increase in calls to problem foxes in London, where clients pet cats have been attacked or killed and even more worryingly foxes have been entering clients properties.  It has always been believed that foxes are scared of humans and would pose no threat to an adult human, however they no longer seem to be scared of humans and on some occasions are happy to be quite close.

Foxes can cause damage to lawns, golf course, playing fields, football pitches, swimming pool covers, flower beds and undermine buildings.

Foxes will also kill all manner of small live stock from Chickens to Lambs, family pets and even cats and small dogs have been attacked, just recently there have been some confirmed cases of young children being attacked.

Foxes also carry a range of diseases and parasites which can affect humans and domestic pets including



lung worm


canine hepatitis

heart worm

Sarcopic mange




If a fox has taken up residence under your shed or decking and is regularly fouling on your lawn or playing with your child’s or pets toys at night then you will be at much higher risk of contracting one of the above.

If you would like some advice about a problem fox or require a fox to be removed please feel free to call 01932300177 or visit Fox Control UK - Fox Control Surrey - Fox Control London


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