How To Get Rid Of Moles In Your Garden

How To Get Rid Of Moles In Your Garden

How to Get Rid Of Moles From Your Garden?


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My name is Dean Gibbs a professional mole catcher based in Wokingham Berkshire.  As you can imagine the most common questions I am asked is ”Do mole repellents work?” “Can you catch moles humanely” “How to get rid of moles” and the most common is “Can I stop the moles coming back?” I will give my answer to all three below.

Do Mole Repellents Work?

Now, there are a few different types of mole repellent on the market to amateur users but the most common are the ultra sonic or vibrating types that are designed to annoy the mole and scare it away.  I have still to this day never met anyone that has been happy with the results of one of these mole deterrent’s, I have however been to gardens (many of them) where the mole has pushed the device out of the ground or just carries on digging mole hills right next to it!  At a cost of over £25 on average some clients of mine have brought 5 or even 6 of them by the advice of the shop owner.  It is a complete waste of money in my opinion. There will be a good honest mole catcher in your area that would catch the mole humanely and for a fee of around £60 -£80 for a single mole! Usually with a No catch No Fee service!

There are sprays that can be applied to the soil to deter the mole from coming back, again I have never herd a case where this has worked.  These are usually just washed away in the soil and the mole will return within 7 days of application.  This is a similar case with the smoke generators and the old myths of Jeyes fluid or petrol being poured into the moles tunnel.
These methods usually result in a short spell of less activity and then the mole will return once the smell has gone and the grass turning yellow, or it ends up moving the mole all over the garden as it doesn’t want to leave the good food source the mole has found, but it doesn’t want to go back through the disrupted tunnel.

Can You Catch A Mole Humanely?

There are traps available to catch moles alive, however due to the mole being very very hard to catch these traps are not used by professional mole catchers as it would be to costly for our clients.  These types of trap are there for you to try but I would expect 9/10 would not be able to catch the mole with this type of trap, and they run the risk of the mole becoming trap shy and near impossible to catch with any trap!

Can I stop The Moles Coming back?

Now it is impossible to guarantee stopping another mole digging up your garden, however repeat mole infestations usually occur when a mole is caught from its territory and a few weeks later another mole finds the tunnels and begins to push up mole hills in the same places as before.  On some of my larger farm contracts I try to collapse the mole runs between the mole hills with a garden fork, this makes it harder for another mole to find the tunnels and more work to dig them all back out again! It has proven fairly effective and does reduce the number of moles we catch on these farms.

How To Get Rid Of Moles?

If you need to get rid of a problem mole fast and are not sure what to do, I would recommend checking out the BTMR (British Traditional Molecatchers Register) there will be great information about the mole and a list of mole catchers arranged by County.  All members have to follow their code’s of practice.
Myself and my farther operate throughout Berkshire and Hampshire with good contacts in Oxfordshire and Surrey!

By using a professional mole catcher you can expect the mole to be caught in 2-3 visits for a very reasonable fee of around £60-£80 for a single mole! This will come with a no catch no fee policy in most cases.

When it comes to mole catching it really is cheaper to use a professional!

There are many types of trap on the market at the moment, the most common and readily available are the “Duffas” style and the “Taplex” mole trap.  I used to use the Duffas style traps all the time but have slowly drifted to using Taplex traps. I have written another blog post with advice on how to set the traps yourself if you would like to read it please click this link “How To Set A Mole Trap“  Also you can buy the Duffas mole traps at Flat Pack Mole Traps. You should be aware that setting mole traps looks easy, I can assure you it isn’t! If you try to catch the mole yourself you may make it trap shy and very difficult to catch!

If you would like more information on our mole catching service please click the link “Mole Catcher” or call Berkshire 01189 077019 or Hampshire 01252 284028

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