How To Get Rid Of Foxes In My Garden!

How To Get Rid Of Foxes In My Garden!

How To Get Rid Of Foxes


How To Get Rid Of Foxes – Foxes are becoming a very common sight in the urban gardens and streets across the UK.  In Berkshire & Hampshire we have noticed a steep rise in fox removal calls in the past 18 months with an average of 3 domestic fox removal calls per week!  The urban fox has adapted very well to living in close proximity to humans and it opportunistic life style make it a real pest.
The raid our bins, readily take pets such as chickens, rabbits, ferrets, ducks, geese and even kittens.

Another issue is the risk of catching one of the many diseases that the fox carries!  Foxes regularly leave dropping on patio’s, doorsteps and the lawn, which is unsightly and not nice to have to clear up!
Foxes will also play with the pets or children’s toys in the garden and to leave their mark they will urinate on them, then of course the pet or child is again at risk of contracting a diseases.


DKG Pest Control use a mixture of traps to control foxes, the most common is a cage trap. They can be very effective in urban enviroments but are not so good in rural locations!  Fox cage traps can be checked by the client to reduce the cost of the procedure.


Another very effective trap is the Collarum but the site needs to be inspected before we can commit to using this trap!

We work closely with your local police force to be assured that the police will not turn up to reports of a gun shot, this has happened to one of my clients before we undertook the fox removal on his property! It is not a legal requirement to contact the police and many people do not bother! If the company you choose doesn’t it could result in a very embarrassing conversation with the police on your drive!

If you feel you have a problem fox and you would like it to be removed discreetly and in a humane manor then please consider using DKG Pest Control.

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