Bee Swarm Removal Hampshire UK

Bee Swarm Removal Hampshire UK

Bee Swarm Removal Hampshire UK

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Bee Swarm Removal Hampshire UK – DKG Pest Control where called to a domestic house in Fleet Hampshire to look at the removal of a bee swarm.  The client was having a loft conversion & the builders had reported a large number of “wasps” (Honey Bee’s) in the loft and they were chasing them out of the loft! We responded as an emergency and was on site within 30 minutes! I was greeted by a very shaken up home owner and a builder enjoying his cup of tea!

I got suited up and went to see what could be done! On entering the landing all the doors to upstairs rooms where open and very bright, the loft hatch was wide open with bee’s coming down attracted by the light! They were not showing signs of being to aggressive at this point. I quickly closed the loft hatch to prevent more bee’s coming down and closed all the doors on the landing to keep it as dark as possible).  There was around 100 honey bees in the windows of the bedrooms and bathroom! These where quickly knocked down with OA2KI a natural organic pesticide-free liquid that has a very low risk to humans and pets! Once the stray bee’s had been controlled and no longer presented a risk, the client was happy to return to the house (downstairs only) whilst the rest of the bee swarm was removed.  I climbed into the loft to inspect how many bee’s were there, To start with it looked like a large honey bee swarm had started to build some honey combe on the scaled ceiling. I return to the van to get the bee swarm collection tools, smoker, sheet, box, cutting tool and called Robin for his help with the swarm collection.  After a lovely cup of tea Robin arrived and got suited up! We placed a sheet under the swarm of bee’s and smoked them a little!

I tried to move the bee’s by hand into the box, but it was soon clear that this wasn’t a bee swarm! It was a very large colony of honey bee’s that had been here for some time! (a few years)
There was a whole chewed through the ceiling and I could see racks of honey combe behind the fiber board. The bee’s at this point had become extremely aggressive, and unfortunately the decision was made to destroy the bee colony! For bee swarm removal Hampshire UK click the link below to our bee swarm removal page!

This was done completely pesticide-free with OA2KI and a cutting tool to remove the hard board! It took just over an hour to remove the bee’s & carefully remove the honey combe from the roofing felt without ripping the felt!

After filling two bin bags with bee’s and honey combe our job was done!  This is the one of the largest “bee swarm removal” jobs I’ve ever done but went smoothly.
Here’s some pictures after the bee colony had bee removed!

Sorry for the images breaking out of the text box! I have posted them like thisTao they are easier to see.





The dead bee’s & honey combe weighed just over 22kg! A huge amount.

Think You have a Bee Swarm? Don’t panic! DKG Pest Control are here to help!

DKG Pest Control will always try where possible to remove the bee swarm humanely and relocate with a local bee keeper! This is not always possible and in these situations the bee swarm will have to bee killed or left in place! The risks have to be evaluated before this decision can be made!

Here is a link to our Bee Swarm RemovalUK Page, To read 20 Intresting Facts About Honey Bee’s check out my other blog post by clicking the link!

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