Mole Catcher in Odiham Hampshire UK

Mole Catcher in Odiham Hampshire UK

Mole Catcher Odiham Hampshire – Our mole catcher was called to a mole causing a huge amount of damage to the clients lawn, the mole had only been active for four days!

Our client had tried to scare the mole away with the usuall hibrating devices, ultra sonics and windmills.

The mole was only using surface tunnels, this is a lot less common that the usual large mole hills with underground mole tunnels. Mole’s like these are quite dificult to catch as its hard to stop daylight getting into the tunnel. Our mole catcher uses buckets to cover the traps to prevent daylight getting into the mole trap.

To get advice for our local mole catcher please click the link or call Hampshire 01252 284 028

If you are not in the Berks – Hants – Oxon – Bucks or Surrey area and need to find a professional local mole catcher or you need advice about the mole or the damage mole cause please visit the links belo:

Association of Professional Molecatchers

British Traditional Mole Catchers Register




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