How To Get Rid Of Mice

How To Get Rid Of Mice

Mouse Removal / Control Advice!
Berkshire – Hampshire

Mouse Control Berkshire & Hampshire

House Mice are well adapted to living within our homes, garages and shops. House mice will live and quite happily breed in our homes, garages and any other place giving them extra protection from the weather and predators. Humans warm, waterproof building, especially garden sheds and similar shelters enable mice to have a free home and provide all that’s needed for mice to breed to infestation numbers fairly rapidly!

Mice only require  food (3 to 4 grams a day) a little water (house mice can get most of their liquid from their food) and shelter from cold, damp conditions. They are very used to living with humans and much appreciate the food waste  left by us. They are, however, a serious problem causing extensive damage to property as a result of their gnawing activities, and also by eating and contaminating packaging and foodstuffs. Mice may carry a number of infectious diseases that can pose a risk to humans and animals. Where problems arise, it is important that mouse infestations are controlled.

Mice are highly nimble, they are able to squeeze through very tiny holes (a typical test for mice is to place a pen in the hole) if larger than this, house mice will almost certainly enter. Mouse proofing can be an extremely effective control measure (if the entry points can be located).

Mice are extremely good climbers, and can climb walls, pipes, duct and cavities.  A further problem is their very hard incisor teeth which can easily get through hard plastic, timber, and soft metals such as lead and aluminium. They can gnaw away electric cables, this can result in huge re-wiring costs or worse cause fires – mice will even,  erode hard materials such as poor concrete.

House mice are a health hazard specifically house mice are carriers of diseases such as Salmonella. Salmonella attacks the stomach and intestines, in more serious cases, can enter the lymph tracts and will attack all age groups and both sexes – it is a very serious infection.

DKG Pest Control Berkshire & Hampshire will use strong mouse traps that dispatch the mouse quickly, It is not often necessary to use poison when dealing with mice! House mice or field mice!If you are poisoning mice, you will almost certainly be effecting other wildlife (Raptors, Foxes, Stoats, Pets etc). Secondary poisoning is a huge problem within the industry with pest control companies that would rather throw some bait down and get some “Quick Cash”. Its a real shame and something that our authorities are cracking down on, and rightly so!

If you have a mouse problem in the Berkshire, Hampshire or Surrey area please give DKG Pest Control a call.  We will always try to remove all the problem mice with non-toxic method and it won’t cost anymore than the companies that use poison!

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Mouse Control Wokingham Berkshire

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