How Quickly Do Rabbits Breed In UK?

How Quickly Do Rabbits Breed In UK?

How Quickly Rabbits Can Breed In The UK!

This blog post is for those of you who wonder the breeding potential of wild rabbits in the UK! I found it hard my self to find the information to come up with this post so I hope it is helpful!

One doe (female) rabbit can have 1-14 Kits per litter,  let’s be conservative and take a litter of 6 rabbit kits as an average. We’ll also make the assumption that only half of these are does, and we will calculate the potential increase of our rabbit population only from these hypothetical 3 does per litter!  Since does are the limiting factor in a population when it comes to making babies. We’re also assuming there is no death or disease, since we’re talking about potential reproduction with no set environmental carrying capacity. (Since a rabbit can easily live seven years and beyond, this isn’t unreasonable.)

Rabbit gestation takes 28-31 days, and because they are induced ovulators, mother rabbits can be impregnated again within hours of giving birth! This means that are first doe rabbit could, hypothetically, have one litter per month if she is constantly with a buck (male) rabbit.

If our “starter doe” begins reproducing at six months of age (again, not an unreasonable estimate), and has littlers for seven years, then by the end of the first year:

One mother rabbit x 3 doe kits x 12 months = 36 doe kits (plus your original doe makes 37) Let’s add the new kits to the reproductive population at the beginning of the following year. At that point, their average age would be six months–the time of their first litter. (This works if you consider this to be averaging the new does’ reproductive output.) If–starting at the beginning of Year Two –each of the Year One doe rabbits produces an average of 3 doe offspring per month, then by the

  • End of Year Two:
          37 mother rabbits x 3 doe hits x 12 months = 1332 doe kits
        (plus your original 37 will equal a total of

    1369 total

  • End of Year Three:
            1369 mother rabbits x 3 doe kits x 12 months = 49,284 doe kits
        (49,284 + last year’s 1369 =

    50,653 total

  • End of Year Four:
          50,653 x 3 x 12 months = 1,823,508 doe kits
        (1,823,508 + last year’s 49,284 =

    1,872,792 total

  • End of Year Five:
        1,823,508 x 3 x 12 months = 67,420,512
        (67,420,412 + last year’s 1,872,792 =

    69,293,304 total

  • End of Year Six:
        69,293,304 x 3 x 12 months = 2,494,558,944
        (2,494,558,944 + last year’s 69,293,304=

    2,563,852,248 total

  • Year Seven:
        2,563,853,248 x 3 x 12 = 92,298,716,930
        (92,298,716,930 + last year’s 2,563,852,248 =



That’s nearly 95 billion rabbits in seven years! You can see why people use the phrase “breeding like rabbits.”
This is why rabbit control is very dificult, Its is easy to control the rabbit population to a more acceptable number but it is near impossible to completely clear some sites! (not that that is aways the best thing to do.) DKG Pest control have been controlling rabbit populations on large areas of land in the south of england for over 40 years! If the rabbits are not controlled very carfully every year the numbers can increase in what seems over night! One of our contracts is only a small 200 acre farm, however DKG Pest Control regularly 2,000 rabbits per year and all of these end up in our food chain! Some for human consumption and other go in to dog food. Rabbit is a great tasting ultra health meat that I regularly eat!

DKG Pest Control offer very cost effective rabbit clearance contacts or even one-off rabbit clearances to clients through-out the sount of england! For more information please call Berkshire Rabbit Control 01189 077019 or Hampshire Rabbit Control 01252 284028

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