Invading Tree Bee! Bee Removal Service.

Invading Tree Bee! Bee Removal Service.

Keeping track of invading tree bee

Commonly make their home in bird boxes

Wildlife enthusiasts keep a careful watch for a new bee. The Bombus hypnorum, or tree bee, arrived in the UK in 2001 and has been steadily working its way north, reaching Northumberland last year.

Worcestershire is on the far west edge of the bee’s coverage, and now the county’s Wildlife Trust and the Biological Records Centre want to gather information about where the bees are nesting.

Tree bees get their name from their natural nesting sites in hollows of trees. However, they are also commonly found in bird boxes in gardens & lofts.

Tracking its progress through Britain

Harry Green, trustee of Worcestershire Wildlife Trust and committee member of the Worcestershire Recorders, explained: ‘It’s really important that we gather as many records of this bee as possible – and not just for local interest.  Any records we receive will feed into a national database that is tracking the arrival and spread of this bee in relation to climate change.

‘The bee is very distinctive with a ginger-brown thorax, black abdomen and white tail. It is so dissimilar to other species that there should be no misidentification.’

Readers are invited to send records to the Biological Records Centre. Photographs, even from a mobile phone, would be appreciated to confirm the sighting.

Tree bees are not generally aggressive and will not sting unless handled roughly or they feel that the nest is under attack. Male bees do not have stings, although worker bees do – nests should be observed quietly from a few metres away.

I Would not get within 10 meters of the entry hole without a bee suit on as whilst removing a few of these new bee nests in Berkshire they have become fairly aggressive towards me and 3 of the worker bee’s did sting the bee suit! One of these times I was more than 3 meters from the entry whole to the bee’s nest!

Numbers of the tree bee have rocketed this year, also have the number of bee’s in each nest!
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Bee nest removal in Berkshire


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